Employee Gift Giving

Employee Gift Giving: Tips and Tricks to Improve Productivity

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Employees are the backbone of any business. No business owner can do it alone, especially if the business is going to grow and be successful. The truth is, employees are essential. They wrestle daily tasks and help manage businesses across all industries. This is why employee gifts are essential to encourage and thank your employees for their hard work.

Also, employees often have different skill levels, making each unique and needed when it comes to streamlining day-to-day business processes. There is no small employee. Because employees are so important, it is a must to give back. It’s important to let employees know the business and leadership care and appreciate their efforts.


Employee Gift Giving During COVID-19

Employee recognition has become even more critical in the age of COVID-19. Especially with remote work being a norm right now, employees may be feeling a bit disconnected. They may even feel not as appreciated. Thus an emphasis on employee gift giving this year is important.

From gift certificates to Discount Mugs custom reusable bags branded via the business, gift giving to employees can spark a number of benefits for employees. As well as benefits for the business. Motivation, appreciation, meaningful communication, and more can result in gift giving.

But, how do you go about employee gift giving for your business? The following may prove useful. Let’s take a closer look.

Employee Gift Shopping Tips

Having a few employee gift shopping tips is a good idea before spending a portion of the business budget. There are a ton of gifts to consider, and you want to make sure you hit a homerun, otherwise you may not get the benefits of gift giving.

First, you need to know a bit more about your employees. This is just like any other gift giving. Think about some of the gifts you have received in your professional career. Were they meaningful to you? Did they have some sort of value?

Understanding what your employees want, as well as need, is important. You definitely don’t want to get something employees will simply toss in a drawer and forget about. Doing so can reduce motivation and appreciation that was intended.

Next, you should have plenty of options on the table. For instance, a milestone gift cards for employees that reach a hallmark year, like his or her fifth anniversary with the business, should be somewhat unique. Do not simply Google search five-year anniversary trophies and call it a day.


Top Benefits of Employee Gift Giving You Need to Know

The holiday season is right around the corner, and giving employee gifts is probably on your mind. The holiday season is great, but you can also give gifts after the holidays too. In many ways, giving employees gifts not on holidays can boost the benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at four benefits gift giving can have for employees and your business:

1. Employees will be more motivated. 

There is much to discuss when it comes to burnout. Especially with pandemic stress and the need to do work more effectively on a smaller budget, and without the in-office workplace. Gift giving can increase motivation. What can your remote working employees use at the home office? This could be a great gift giving question to ask these days.

2. Move the needle on employee satisfaction. 

Feeling appreciated in a career can go a long way. Being appreciated via a thoughtful gift can make employees feel appreciated, and thus satisfied with the business. This can help keep your top talent around longer. Employers now have national and international competition, since remote work is a norm. Meaningful connections with your talent with gift giving can benefit employees and the business.

3. Stronger workplace connections are born. 

Gift giving can also benefit employees and businesses by strengthening connections between leadership and workers. It breaks it down to a human level. However, the gifts need to be thoughtful enough to create those strong bonds. This means personalizing gifts for each specific employee, and emphasizes the need to understand your employees better.

4. Increased business productivity. 

Let’s face it, when your employees feel appreciated, they will be more motivated to work. This will increase efficiency and productivity for the company. You should not give gifts with your overall business in mind. Give gifts because it is the right thing to do, and then enjoy the business benefits later.

Wrapping Up

Employee gift giving is more important than ever. And it doesn’t need to be about a holiday. Gift giving can be anytime of the year. Show your employees you care about them by giving personalized gifts they want and need. The business benefits may surprise you.