Junk Removal Business

Startups: How to Start a Junk Removal Business

Featured image by geratl from Pixabay

A junk removal business appeals to everyone. Who wants to have a huge pile of trash outside their residence? In order to get your business thriving you will need a reputable name and sustainable workflow. This will ensure you will be branded properly. This will help your business to flourish. 


How Do You Actually Start a Junk Removal Business?

Market Research

Before starting a new junk removal business, find out who your local competitors are. Finding out who is popular in your area will help you decipher what your local clients want and need. 

Whether this be residential homes or offices, you will be able to choose sufficient prices and quotes for your services based on what you are going to offer. Setting high prices will alienate those who cannot afford to hire your company. Prices that are too low might scare some customers who doubt the efficiency of the business. For example, Weebble Junk is 35% cheaper than local competitors based in Houston, Texas. This explains why they have gained so much success. 


Remember to register your junk removal business with local authorities. This is crucial so clients and local residents see your business listed publicly. Also, get your business insured as soon as possible to avoid any legal trouble.



Get all of the tools necessary to run a junk removal company. This includes your shovels, rakes, several garbage cans, gloves, protective clothing, and a truck. Your truck must have a large capacity and be fuel efficient. 


Every business needs branding, and particularly junk removal companies. Having a memorable business with a catchy slogan or visually exciting logo can really help propel your company into the spotlight. Digital branding is equally important, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, because that is how most people get their information, online. 

Being tech-savvy with social media will help your business gain more of a reputable name for itself online and spread the word about the services you offer. Contacting SEO experts will help your business pop up in local searches, which is ideally what you want. 

A nicely designed website is beneficial to help your business prosper, and particularly one that is easy to navigate. Users will want to see an ‘About us’ section as well as a list of services that you offer. Once this is all finalized, make sure you market the website all over social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Paid ads can really up your website’s viewership which will hopefully lead to more paying customers for your junk removal business. You are trying to pull traffic towards your website because you want clients to make queries and pay for your services.


Attractive offers are a great way to expand your business and entice more customers. Many people in your area will have used the same junk removal company for years and will not be tempted to jump ship easily.

Therefore, business tactics in the form of offers and discounts when a customer chooses your company is a great way to help your business thrive. You can be creative when choosing what to offer each new customer, as long as it is worth the price you are setting for your services and can guarantee interest in your company.


Make sure your payment methods are easy and not too confusing. Card payments are really helpful and are more appealing especially during Covid-19. It is not the easiest job to own a junk removal business. 

You will need some thick skin because customers may very well feel discontent with the service you have provided. It takes a long time to lay the foundation necessary to expand the business in size. You have to win the trust and confidence in the people you are working for, and this unfortunately takes time. Patience and persistence is fundamental to take on this role. It only takes one happy client to recommend your services to another for your company to succeed.