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Given all the attention bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies received during 2020, you might be thinking of accepting bitcoin in your business. If so, you’re probably wondering which bitcoin payment gateway would be best. We take a look in this post.

A bitcoin payment gateway is similar to the other payment gateways you use in your business. The only difference is that cryptocurrency payment gateways, as the name suggests, accept cryptocurrencies.


Why Do Merchants Need Bitcoin Payment Gateways?

Once you have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments over a reliable bitcoin payment gateway, you’ll discover a whole world of new customers. This is literally true, as you’ll be able to accept instant payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Plus, the mere fact that you accept cryptocurrencies as payment will be great for your company’s public relations. For example, your customers will appreciate the fact that their transactions with your business will be completely private, thanks to the very nature of cryptocurrency transactions. Moreover, those transactions will be utterly secure, too, with no risk of fraud. This is because payments will be securely stored in the blockchain ledger.

Finally, you will enjoy low transaction fees when you accept payments over a bitcoin payment gateway. In fact, fees on these transactions will be significantly lower than those you’re currently paying for debit and credit card transactions.

What Are the Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways for 2021?

Here is a short list of the best bitcoin payment gateways currently on the market. Additionally, we discuss here the chief advantages of each.


This payment gateway provider began its operations in 2011, as the BitPay team understood cryptocurrency’s potential early on. Consequently, it now stands at the forefront of bitcoin payment technology. BitPay is probably the best choice for medium-sized and large companies that operate in the US.

The chief advantages of using the BitPay gateway for bitcoin payments include:

  • 1% commission for all transactions
  • Settlements in fiat currencies
  • 8 supported coins
  • Instant global payments
  • No chargebacks or identity theft

Additionally, BitPay guarantees zero price volatility. This gives it a major advantage over other bitcoin payment gateways.


Hashbon has been providing cryptocurrency payment services for businesses and individuals since 2016. It’s a secure, swift, and easy-to-integrate system that helps businesses to reach new markets and operate worldwide. Hashbon is the best choice for small to medium-sized businesses that operate in European jurisdictions.

Its advantages include 0% commission for bitcoin transactions and 0.5% commission for transactions with other supported coins. This makes Hashbon a superior choice among bitcoin payment gateways. Additionally, it supports 30 different coins.

Its other advantages include:

  • Settlements in fiat currencies
  • Instant global payments
  • No risks of fraud and no chargebacks
  • No volatility risks

Moreover, you’ll find its integration is blazing fast and easy as pie.


CoinPayments is a robust service provider for online merchants and entrepreneurs. This popular bitcoin payment gateway allows you to operate in a truly global fashion. Remarkably, CoinPayments supports more than 2,000 coins.

Among its other advantages are:

  • 0.5% commission for all transactions
  • Fiat conversion options
  • Instant global payments

In addition, you’ll enjoy a reduced risk of fraud and no chargebacks.


CoinGate is a Lithuanian-based fintech company that was founded in 2014. Its payment gateway offers cryptocurrency payment processing services for businesses of any size. CoinGate offers permission-based account management as well as fiat payouts to your bank account. Moreover, it now has a brand new email billing feature that merchants everywhere find convenient.

In addition, below are a few more reasons why CoinGate has become the go-to payment processor for many businesses:

  • 1% commission for all transactions
  • Settlements in fiat currencies
  • Instant global payments
  • 50 supported coins
  • Irreversible payments

Here Are Our Recommendations for Bitcoin Payment Gateways

Finally, we recommend the BitPay service for large legal businesses that operate in US jurisdictions. But for small and medium-sized businesses that operate under European jurisdictions, we recommend the Hashbon company.

With Hashbon, you will be able to receive payments in more than 30 crypto coins, or get Euros or other fiat currencies. Additionally, you will receive all the necessary closing documents that will make reporting easy. In short, because of its fast integration and its many other advantages, Hashbon will make your life easier while saving your small to medium-sized company valuable resources.