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Spotlight on USANA: Company Clinches Multiple Awards in 2020

USANA had a strong year in 2020, receiving more than 60 honors. The company’s latest two recognitions reflect the standards of excellence that have made it what it is. One of the awards was for the ingenuity behind the company’s oral care line and the other went to PR executive who stood out in her field.

The supplement provider is a leader in cellular health and wellness, and the company has made customers its priority. We look at the company’s most recent awards and how these recognitions point to bigger and better things ahead.

PRNews Names USANA’s Jessica Reimer-Arias One of the Top Women in PR

Modern communication tools make this an unprecedented age of marketing. For example, managing a social media account is more than just whipping up a few posts about new product launches. It means engaging with existing and potential customers on an entirely different level.

Crises, public updates, internal communications: PR professionals face continuous external pressure. PRNews is an organization that honors those who go above and beyond in this field. In 2020, they named Jessica Reimer-Arias one of the Top Women in PR.

Ashley Collins is the Executive Vice President of Marketing for USANA. She was full of praise for her colleague. “I have worked with Jessica for nine years and have enjoyed watching her grow into the businesswoman she is today,” Collins said. “When she sets her mind to achieve something, it always gets done. Jessica is a true inspiration. As a strong female leader, Jessica is destined to reach amazing heights.”

Reimer-Arias has worked on a number of product launches within USANA. She is always looking for new ways to connect with the company’s target demographic. Whether she’s overseeing a project or stepping up to guide it, she is a dedicated employee who never turns down a chance to grow as a professional.

DSA Grants USANA Its Product Innovation Award

Direct Selling Association (DSA) was created to help organize and support companies that sell products directly to the public. However, DSA is a two-way street, looking out for the consumer as well as for the companies under its umbrella. The awards from DSA therefore focus on the products and services that take a marketplace to another level.

This is how USANA earned one of DSA’s final awards for the year. The company’s Fluoride-Free Whitening Toothpaste and Oral Probiotic from made an impression and earned DSA’s the Product Innovation Award.

The probiotic in particular was carefully crafted to give users a brighter smile and a clean mouth, even just after waking up.

Dan Macuga is the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at USANA. He took pride in the company’s accomplishment. “Like so many of USANA’s innovations, our Oral Care line is truly unique. The products are like nothing available on the market today,” he said. “Congratulations to all the departments that worked so hard to develop these two amazing products.”

The Company Promotes Health from Multiple Angles

The two honors that USANA received most recently were relatively specific. That is, they pertained to the relatively new Oral Care line and outstanding achievements in PR. However, it’s important to stress that the company has much bigger goals ahead.

The ultimate goal of USANA is to promote health from multiple angles. They want to give customers more ways to find a regimen that works for them. Whether people choose to work from the inside out or the other way around, there are ways to build toward looking and feeling better once customers understand the range of products available.

For 25 years, USANA has worked to establish a firm foundation of trust with the public. The company has accomplished this goal through careful scrutiny of the ingredients they use and how they interact with one another to produce results. Minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are nothing new on the market. However, the team at USANA has been diligent about finding the best combinations and solutions.

How Customers Usually Get Started

People generally start out with USANA by choosing one daily supplement. Out of the many products available, a person might take a multivitamin at first and then go from there. And because a pregnant mother will have different nutritional needs than an elderly man, USANA has several varieties from which to choose.

For example, Core Minerals™ is a daily mineral supplement rich in copper and zinc and a good source of manganese. It’s an excellent way to nourish the cells and, with the help of the right diet, support healthy RNA and DNA replication.

Customers Reach Out for More When They’re Ready

Once a person has found a broad-spectrum supplement for daily use, the company encourages them to check out the optimizers available to them. These products are more custom-made for people’s individual health needs, whether they’re looking to support their brains or their bones (or anything in between).

Optimizers are available for both children and adults. USANA has made it easier for everyone to get the nutritional necessities into their diet. For instance, they created both tasty gels and chewable supplements for children to take. In other words, children no longer have to swallow a tablet.

Then They Add In the Extras

The last two steps of the company’s guidelines involve giving people the wellness and confidence they need to take a heightened interest in their individual health. Our modern lives have become so rushed and chaotic that people often forget about their health entirely in favor of more pressing matters.

USANA’s skincare, personal care, and food and energy products remind people that how they prepare for the day has a lot to do with how that day will go. For example, using nutrient-rich shampoo is a way to promote feelings of wellness. It also has the added benefit of making hair look healthy.

Having a delicious and healthy protein shake instead of ordering more fast food is a powerful choice that prioritizes what’s right over what’s convenient. These are just two of the many options that USANA provides the public. From moisturizing lip balms to milk cleansers, every customer has the chance to find products that work with their body and personal wellness goals.

The company also sells a number of products designed for mental wellness, such as Calm Response. This potable salve uses essential oils that inspire people to feel a little less distracted and a lot more collected. Portable and easy to use, it’s a time-out moment that people can use anytime, anywhere.


How USANA Is Moving Ahead

The supplement industry has evolved over the past decades and has become a force to be reckoned with. As people search for natural remedies that can work with their body’s natural processes, USANA has been there to help them find products that work.

The awards bestowed upon USANA by professional organizations like PRNews and DSA are the direct result of all the hard work that the company has already put in. As 2021 begins, the company looks forward to developing new solutions and strengthening its current product line. This will undoubtedly give new audiences the opportunity to discover USANA’s products and learn more about how to create a routine that will work for them both today and tomorrow.