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Running a trucking or a transportation business is both fun and profitable. The opportunity to help people move things from one place to another is only obtainable when having a trucking business. However, making sure you comply with all the requirements set up by the government is essential to run your business. Just like your USDOT number, the Texas dot number (TXDOT) also enables you to run your trucking operations legally. 

However, the rules to attain both of these numbers are not the same. You have to avail your TxDOT if you are carrying over 26,000 pounds on your cargo. Here are all the details regarding the TxDOT number.

What Are the Requirements for a Texas DOT Number?

All motor carriers that operate at an intrastate level and pass through Texas must have their TxDOT number issued from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Here are all the prerequisites for getting your Texas DOT number:

  • You must have an Intrastate USDOT number.
  • You drive a vehicle (or vehicles) that carry more than 26,000 pounds of weight.
  • Your company transfers hazardous materials that require placarding.
  • You have farm vehicles that exceed the 48,000 pounds weight limit.
  • Your vehicle can transport more than 15 people.
  • You own a transport service that facilitates school students.
  • You transport household goods.


What Are the Insurance Requirements for a Texas DOT Number?

Fulfilling the minimum insurance requirements is also necessary to get your Texas DOT number. The following are the insurance requirements:

  1. Minimum insurance of $5,000,000 in case of transporting hazardous materials.
  2. $1,000,000 insurance in the case of petroleum materials.
  3. A minimum insurance of $750,000 for foreign carriers.
  4. $300,000 insurance for household right movers.
  5. $500,000 insurance for commercial school bus operators.
  6. $500,000 insurance for bus operators transporting more than 15 but fewer than 26 passengers.
  7. Insurance of $5,000,000 for bus operators transporting more than 26 passengers.
  8. $500,000 insurance for private or for-hire vehicles exceeding the limit of 26,000 pounds.

What Information Is Required?

  1. Your legal name
  2. Name of your trucking business
  3. Complete address
  4. Your Social Security Number
  5. Your date of birth
  6. Credit card information
  7. Information of your vehicle(s)

Are There Any Exemptions?

The Lone Star State has declared in the Texas Transportation Code that vehicles registered under the Federal Unified Registration Act are not required to obtain a USDOT and Texas DOT number.

Here are some vehicles that don’t require a TxDOT number:

  • Cotton vehicles
  • Tow Trucks
  • Daycare vehicles
  • Private school vehicles
  • Nursing home vehicles
  • Hotel vehicles

Here’s How to Apply for a Texas DOT Number

As stated earlier, having a USDOT number is compulsory before you apply for the Texas DOT number. So securing your USDOT number is the first step in the application process. You can apply for your Texas DOT number using the online portal. Applying online is both easier and takes less time. However, those who are operating a passenger carrier vehicle cannot apply through the online portal.

Here’s how to apply for TxDOT if you don’t own a private passenger bus service:

  1. Make a call to the Texas DMV office.
  2. Ask the officer for UIN and PIN.
  3. Access the application portal using the UIN and PIN keys.

However, if you are running a passenger service and don’t want to visit the office for the Texas DOT number, you can apply by contacting the office via email or fax. Before you apply, you will have to fill out the 1899 or 1899T form.

  • The 1899 form is for registration for 1-2 years.
  • The 1899T from is for short-term registration.

You can obtain short-term registration for as few as seven days, and the maximum duration of short-term registration is ninety days.

Complete the Forms

Here are the details you need to provide while filling out the forms:

  • Your basic information
  • Information about your vehicle(s)
  • Your USDOT number
  • Your insurance plan

However, there’s one important thing to fulfill after you submit the forms and the fee. You have to contact your vehicle’s insurance provider and ask them to send the details of your insurance plan to the Motor Carrier Division of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle before they can process your application.


It’s easier to get your Texas DOT number with a dedicated team of professionals. Contacting Texas DOT number service providers can help you save time and effort. Please don’t overlook the importance of the Texas DOT number and receive it as soon as you can. Happy trucking!