How to Start a Candle Business

For many years candles have provided many uses. Whether it is lighting up a room, providing a romantic atmosphere or even ways to relax via aromatherapy, candles are used every day. Candles are easily affordable and make great gifts for any occasion. All of these reasons and more are why some people are starting their own candle businesses.

Keep in mind that starting a candle business isn’t easy and will take a lot of work. If you are successful it can be quite rewarding, much like any business you start. Before you get started in your candle business, there are a few steps to help set you on the right path to ensure your success. These steps include:

Stand Out in Candle Making

One very important factor when starting your business is making sure you know what you are doing. Do you know how to make candles? If not have you looked into places to learn? You want your candle to stand out among the millions of other businesses out there. One great resource for learning is YouTube. One particular channel by the name of Sherri Vegas offers this video on how to make candles. It has over 1 million views in the past year and is very informative. 

You are also going to want it to be unique and something people are going to tell their friends about. Magic and Candle Company for example makes candles that smell like Disneyland rides such as the Pirates of The Caribbean ride, as well as the Splash Mountain ride. The unique candles are enchanting and very much make you feel that you are in Disneyland from the comfort of your own home. 

Remember, a good candle can help anyone who uses them relieve their stress and melt their worries away. You are going to want to provide the same opportunities to any customer who buys your candles. It is very important that you continue to hone your craft throughout your candle business to continue to grow and thrive.  

Strategizing Your Business Plan: 

Having a strategic business plan is crucial for anyone getting a new business off the ground. Much like your product, you want your business plan to cohesively run organically. Your business plan should include your business name, your business mission statement, products you are going to list, and a mission statement. Another way to strategize your business plan is knowing your competition. Take some time to Google others like yourself to know what you’re up against. 

The easiest way to get started with your own candle business is right from home! Etsy, Amazon Artisan, and local Facebook groups are good places to start with low operating costs. 

Legalities and Licensing for Candle Businesses

Depending on your location, you will have to find the proper paperwork to have your business legally ready for when you want to start selling your candles. On the IRS website, you will find many resources on starting your company. They will have resources to tell you if you should be a sole proprietor or set up an LLC, as well as what tax steps you will need to take towards the end of the tax year. These will be very helpful so that you don’t have any legal issues down the road. You also can consult a lawyer for more information on legal tactics on starting a business. 

Finding Your Target Audience: 

Providing exactly what a customer is looking for is important with any business. The reason why most of the billion dollar companies out there are so successful is because they know their target market or audience. 

While you may not have the funds to conduct market research, you can utilize simple tactics to sell to the right people and continue to do so. As mentioned earlier, you want to have a unique product. The best way to think of a unique product is to first think of who you want buying your candles. 

While the best way to go is selling online, you could branch out to local vendors such as boutiques, local farmer’s markets, or even offices. You will want to consider multiple options of selling your candles and keeping them wanting more. 

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Finding The Funds To Get Started: 

Starting any business requires money. While you may be starting your candle business to make money, you are going to have to have some saved up to get you off the ground. Many small business owners start with writing a list of what they are going to need, budgeting it and making sure they have a way to keep their head above water. Most small businesses fail after the first year due to not spending their money wisely or even having enough funds for something simple as supplies. 

The best advice any small business owner will tell you is save for up to 3-5 months before fully investing in your business. Some will also tell you to find the least expensive thing on your to do list and work towards the more expensive things. Something as small as starting your own website is a great start. You are going to want to have a storefront for your candle business and having a website is an important step.

Promoting Your Candle Business on Social Media: 

A well-thought-out marketing plan is finding a way to let the marketing do the work for you without having to spend a dime. With the world we live in today run by social media for most anything we do, you can use social media to market your business for free. 

It’s best to start simple and go for the basic social media pages. Most people start with Instagram, while others start with a Facebook page. Whatever choice you make, you will need to make sure you are representing your candle business in the best way possible. You will also need to remember that marketing is finding out how you can present yourself better to any future customers. Hashtags are an amazing social media marketing strategy that can get you in front of new customers quickly. You can also use your social media to build buzz or hype about your candles before you are officially set up. 

Don’t forget to engage with your audience, which will drive views, likes, saves, and shares. 

Switch up the content you are posting. If your customers constantly see posts that are selling your product, they will likely not be as engaged. 

Ideas for Social Media Posts:

  • Behind the scenes photos
  • Taking polls for new candle scents
  • Highlight holidays
  • Inside information about why your candles are better than the next
  • Offer discount codes for your loyal shoppers

Use these tips to hit the ground running and enjoy making a new venture into the candle making business.