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How to Get the Most out of Digital Advertising

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The best way to promote your small business in 2021 is to get really good at digital advertising. However, if you’re like most business owners, you have probably discovered how tedious and time-consuming online marketing can be. To that end, meet Business Warrior, a marketing solution that simplifies digital advertising.

What Is Business Warrior?

Business Warrior is a software application that scores businesses in four essential advertising areas: Business Listings, Reputation, Web/SEO, and Advertising Readiness.

The app will walk you through what you need to do to increase your company’s scores in each of these areas. As you do, you will build a foundation in digital advertising that will lead to more leads and more sales for your business.

How Will Business Warrior Improve Your Digital Advertising?

The Business Warrior app gives you daily tips and suggestions about how to improve your digital advertising.

You might only need to do something simple. For example, perhaps you need to list your business on Google My Business or install Google Tag Manager.

But it’s possible your business needs more. In that case the app will guide you toward solutions. Perhaps, for instance, you need to improve your website SEO or upgrade your mobile site. Or you might need to take steps to boost your site’s loading speeds.

Rhett Doolittle, CEO of Business Warrior, says, “To succeed in today’s business world, technology and marketing must work together to create as many positive touch points as possible to maximize new sales opportunities.”

And that’s just what Business Warrior’s software will do for your business. Basically, if you want more sales, you need Business Warrior.

Following are some action steps you can take right now to improve results from your digital advertising.

Target the Right Demographic for More Effective Digital Advertising

If you want to get more out of your online advertising, be precise in your digital aim. More is not better, so avoid the shotgun approach. It’s much better to home in on the people who are eager to know about you.

In other words, target your marketing, whether online or off. That is, take aim at the people who want and need your products and services. Ask yourself, “Whose problems does my company address? Who would be excited to hear about what my company provides?”

Once you understand who those people are, find out all you can about them, then direct your digital advertising their way. You’ll enjoy a much better return on your marketing dollar when you do.

Own Your Reputation

Like it or not, your business has an online reputation. What’s more, your reputation matters when it comes to digital advertising. The factor that is most likely to move the needle with your online reputation comes from reviews. In fact, 90% of customers look up reviews before they purchase anything.

So invite customers to review your business online. Respond to favorable reviews with a brief note of appreciation, and be sure to reply to comments on your blog.

What’s more, never fail to follow up with customers who leave unfavorable reviews. Work to resolve complaints quickly and transparently. No business is perfect. Everyone knows this. So even a negative review can work in your favor if you respond in a positive manner.

When people can see from your online response to a negative review that you’re doing your best to provide good service and a great product, they’ll be more inclined to give your business a chance.

Improve the Quality of Your Ads

Google rates the quality and relevance of PPC ads and their keywords, and this rating determines an ad’s Quality Score. When an ad’s Quality Score goes up, the cost per click goes down and the ad rises in the rankings. Accordingly, the ad’s cost per conversion also goes down.

In short, if your PPC ads are clear, concise, and engaging, you’ll pay less for clicks and conversions. This will naturally improve the return on your digital advertising dollar.


Don’t Overlook Free Options

Never forget that you can get plenty of digital advertising at no cost, so don’t let a limited budget hold you back. Take advantage of Google My Business, for example. This is a free Google tool that businesses and organizations can use to manage their online presence. Take advantage of it to attract more customers your way.

And then there’s Yelp. Yelp makes it easy for customers who are ready to buy to find local businesses. Even a free listing can be beneficial. But for even greater visibility, consider upgrading to a paid Yelp listing.

Keep in mind, though, that you will be expected to keep a paid listing for at least a full year. Also, be sure to monitor your Yelp listing regularly for negative reviews. Respond to them positively and as quickly as you can.


Bump Your Digital Advertising up to the Next Level with Business Warrior

Get smart with your digital marketing and start using the Business Warrior app today. Then get ready to welcome lots of new customers!


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