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Whether you have decided to attend college because you intend to embark on a business career or you simply desire to better your lot in life, you want to give college your best shot. In this post we try to point you in the right direction by suggesting some healthy snacks to eat while you study.


You’ll find, first off, that living your student life comes with so many perks. Finally, you are free to do what feels like your thing. From picking your major to finding new friends among your peers, you are in charge now. College, campus, parties, and even pulling the occasional all-nighter are all fascinating to many youngsters.

However, as with many things in life, there are two sides to this “student life” coin. Let’s brush up on the cons. You’ll need to write lots of papers, study huge amounts of materials, dip your toes into massive bodies of knowledge regardless of the field. How will you stay sane, effective, and happy while having so much on your plate?

Luckily, there are some working tips and tricks that you simply can’t do without as a student. These range from seeking qualified assistance to finding a take my test for me service to delegating some chunk of work when you need it to discovering something less obvious.

The less obvious thing we are talking about here is food. Specifically, we’re talking about snacking on brain food while studying. Of course, you can make it easier to stay healthy by signing up for a weekly subscription service to get nourishing smoothies and the like delivered right to your dorm room. Here are some other ideas.

“You Are What You Eat”

Although you might have heard the axiom, “You are what you eat,” many times already, lots of freshers, sophomores, juniors, and even postgrads disregard this saying completely. They go for easy options such as pizzas all the time, not occasionally but continually consuming fast food, along with lots of sugary drinks.

This is no way to go if you want to boost your academic performance and stay healthy. It is extremely important that you pay attention to what you consume as early as your college years. This article is dedicated to one goal only. It is to prove to you that study snacks can be both healthy and delicious.

5 Healthy Snacks College Students Need to Keep on Hand

Nuts Make a Great Snack

Knowing how to trick yourself into being less hungry—or not hungry at all—in times of need is an amazing skill. Here’s how you can do it: Just keep a small bag of nuts with you.

Really, having some almonds, cashews, pecans, or other nuts can save your day when a nutritious breakfast, lunch, or a combination of those that you called brunch is not on your list. Moreover, you can go not only with raw food but with something sweet or salted. There are many options.

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However, we do recommend having a bite of raw food whenever your brain sends you an “I’m hungry” signal, as it might, for instance, during a tedious study session. Raw food will help you to feel full. You can also expect some cognitive sparks, too.

Drink Smoothies Instead of Coffee

There is hardly a student who doesn’t crave coffee. This magical drink gets you up and running in the morning after however few hours of sleep. That second cup lets you stay active throughout the day. And that old cuppa of cappuccino or latte in the afternoon can really brighten your evening.

It’s hard to be against an occasional dose of caffeine in today’s fast-paced world. But what if we suggest that you opt for a smoothie instead? Think about it. You will be getting a dessert (almost) together with the drink, all in one cup. Pick the fruit you like most or a seasonal option, mix it with your favorite milk, and voila! You have yourself a tasty booster.

Fruits Are Snacks That Will Brighten Your Days

This point should catch the attention of everyone out there who has a sweet tooth. On the other hand, regardless of whether you’ve seen the Explained docuseries about sugar or you read about it in a magazine article, you must already know that sugar is not your friend, especially added sugar.

Sure, fructose is sorta sugar, too. Yet, it’s much more beneficial than a candy bar, a can of fizzy soda, or spoonfuls of white sugar in your tea. Be smarter about it. Instead of buying chocolate-covered bars to keep your engine running, do your grocery shopping week by week and purchase fresh fruit instead.

This will allow you to always have some fruit on the table near you whenever you plan to cram, write, or study. An apple might not save you from a regular medical checkup and visiting a doctor from time to time, whatever they say. Still, it will give you a healthy energy boost. And you should not stick to apples only. There are way too many fruits on this planet to be so loyal to only the one.

Chocolate: The Darker It Is, the Better

While on the topic of healthy study snacks, we can’t omit the king of brain food as students see it. The snack in question is, undoubtedly, chocolate. True, having a bar with you and biting into it before some tough exam might be helpful. But are you ready to face issues like getting fat or having bad teeth, if chocolate is your thing?

Instead, to lift your mood and suppress your craving for something sweet and chocolate-coated at the same time, we propose a simple solution. Always go for dark, 90% cacao chocolates. At first, they might taste a little odd to you, because they have less sugar in them. But that’s exactly why they’re better. In fact, dark chocolate is really good for your blood pressure and your heart, not just your brain.

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Freeze the Grapes

Let’s say it’s the middle of an incredibly hot day in summer. You don’t know how to save yourself from melting away, let alone how to stay cognitively effective. Suddenly, you remember those ice cream cones you have in the freezer. How smart of you!

Yet, would that really make such a good snack? Many ice cream producers use incredibly large amounts of added sugar. Moreover, if you are no friends with milk, then you had better abstain from ice cream once and for all. To make this road to liberation smoother for you let us introduce a simple yet not very obvious alternative.

Buy some grapes! Choose your favorite type. Whether they’re red or green is not important here. Put them into the freezer, wait for a few hours, and there you will be, with a plate of healthy and comforting, cold and pleasing bite-sized snacks.


Final Words

Nowadays, many health problems people of all ages face are directly linked to their food consumption. It was always the case. So you’d better start caring about your future and your health in general early on.

As a student, you will definitely need some brain food. But instead of opting for something unhealthy, unnecessarily sweet, or fatty, pick something from the list above. Whether you stick to nuts, enjoy a smoothie instead of coffee, pick up a dark chocolate bar, or grab some frozen grapes or any other fruit, you will be doing yourself a favor.

Remember these cool alternatives to your usual snacks. Then you can stay healthy and rock your college years.