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5 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business to Canada

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It is a challenging process to move your business to a different country. However, when it comes to the ever-growing economy of Canada, this decision can be very rewarding. Canada has many benefits for its new immigrants, most of them at par to its citizens.

However, as a business immigrant and entrepreneur you’ll find even more reasons to immigrate to the Great White North. Exploring new markets, taking advantage of its multi-cultural scene, wonderful government incentives, and business centric laws compel investors and businessmen to move to Canada with their business. Here are some of the top reasons why it is a great idea to move your business to Canada. 


1. Strong Economy 

Not only does Canada have a strong economy, the government also continuously makes every possible effort to evolve and strengthen it even further. There’s no standstill when it comes to the job market and economy of Canada. That works in favor for business minded people. 

Moving your business to Canada is a very simple and straight forward process. The expansion costs are considerably lower when you compare it to other countries, and a Canada work permit is easily accessible as well . For instance, the cost of starting or expanding your business in Canada is about 14.6% lower as compared to U.S companies. The same can be said in comparison to Australia, Germany, UK, and Japan as well. This is because of the low corporate taxes and friendly immigration policies and pathways. 

2. Ease of Establishing Business 

Canada welcomes a large influx of new immigrants every year. This also means that a lot of these immigrants use the highly competent skilled worker pathway for their PR. This highly skilled workforce is beneficial for anyone who wants to move their business to Canada as they can build a workforce from skilled workers from all over the world. Having access to this kind of talent and skills is unique to Canadian companies. 

You’ll also find it considerably easier to do business in Canada as the country ranks 22nd in the list of 190 countries in the World Bank on its ease of doing business rankings. The statistics further puts Canada on 7th position when it comes to ease of obtaining credit. Other factors that contribute towards ease of doing business include the abundant natural resources of Canada as well as fundamental human rights and added freedoms and facilities that make resettlement smooth and fruitful. 


3. Main Hub of Trade 

Canada is the epicenter of trading activities and gives you access to global markets. The country has harmonious trade agreements with numerous countries. The Global Affairs Canada has reported that Canada is the only country in G7 to have trade agreements with the remaining G7 member countries.

This shows that you can definitely gain huge profits and best returns if you move your business to Canada. It also offers remarkable access to the market with its 117 border crossings to the U.S, 24 international airports, and 17 seaports. Canada is well connected. It has robust transport that offers smooth and uninterrupted business operations with direct access to Europe, South America, and Asia. 

4. Low Corruption Rates 

One of the main concerns of moving your business to a new country is corruption rates. Thankfully, the corruption rates in Canada are the lowest amongst the G20 members. Furthermore, it maintains a steady standard of being on the 12th position globally as the safest country for investing in business. Thus, this is one of the top reasons why foreign investors are always interested in expanding their business in Canada. 

5. Politically Stable 

Canada is just one step behind Japan and ranks as the second politically stable country amongst the G7 countries. It also has excellent support from its government, especially for business activities. The COVID-19 response of the Canadian government has supported businesses, sectors, individuals, and organizations of the Canadian territories and provinces in an exemplary way. This is another excellent reason why you should move your business to Canada.



You can reap many benefits if you move your business to Canada. An authentic Canada immigration consultant (RCIC) can help you move to Canada through one of the competent immigration programs specifically designed for businessmen and entrepreneurs who are wishing to move or invest in the country. Enjoy the numerous advantages and benefits of being a foreign investor in Canada. 

However, if you are looking for an immigration consultant and don’t know where to start, then you should check For RCIC reviews first. You’ll be sure you get the best consultant for your needs there. there are many scams and frauds out there in the immigration world, so you should carefully check who you are working with. 

Canada awaits to welcome you and your business. So, what are you waiting for?