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Stickers Will Make Your Small Business Stand Out

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Are you ready to make your small business stand out from the crowd? Specialized stickers that you print in house will do the trick!


Maybe your home-based business started slowly over time. Perhaps you just knew you enjoyed making quilts, for instance, or painting with oils, creating sheets of fun stickers for kids, or making jewelry. At first, you crafted these handmade items only one or two at a time. You gave them to friends or just made them for your family and your own home.


You Were Doing What You Love…

But then, friends began to request your handiwork to use as gifts for their friends and family members. They offered to pay you, but you always exclaimed, “Oh no! I make these because I enjoy making them.”

And so, you kept giving them away, week after week, month after month, until you finally decided to accept payment. But that was only because the cost of materials gave you a regular jolt of sticker shock.

And then, demand began to exceed your wildest expectations. Requests were coming in from well beyond your small circle of family and friends. Then, and only then, did you decide to make your crafting and artistic skills the basis for your new home-based business.

…And It Became a Small Business

As your dream took form, you dove head first into learning how to set a business up. You talked with an attorney about the legal aspects of setting up a company. You discussed the ins and outs of small business finances with an accountant.

Next, you looked around online and in your local community and realized the world was your oyster! There were opportunities galore. There were online forums where other small-business owners shared their expertise. And there were other resources aplenty.

Best of all, you found platforms such as Etsy where you could set up a profile. At last, you could showcase your stickers for kiddos, your paintings, or your handmade sweaters, of which you had a full storeroom by now.

So now, it’s full steam ahead. Your business is rocking along at nearly breakneck speed. You’ve purchased most of the equipment you need to smooth out the workflow. You’re even looking at whether you could afford to hire someone else to help you with the workload.

But the Sticky Business of Creating Stickers and Such Got Out of Control

But you’re still doing almost everything by hand, by yourself. And this is where the business of a small business gets tedious. Wrapping packages for shipping and filling out address stickers by hand can take hours. You spend even more time waiting in line at the post office weighed down with armloads of packages.

The whole experience is teaching you, in a very real way, that time truly is money. You need solutions, and you need them now.

Solutions Are at Hand

Well, here’s one: With a Munbyn thermal label printer, sticker labels, and shipping labels, you will be able to print the labels you so sorely need every day. Additionally, you can also print some colorful stickers to delight your customers and promote your business.


Munbyn’s thermal label printers come in white, pink, green, or gray to match your branding or coordinate with your office décor. They’re small, too, and take up very little of your precious home-office space. You’ll find a range of accessories for your business’s printing needs at the Munbyn site, as well, including stickers and labels for mailing.

The Munbyn Thermal Label Printer provides high-quality 203 dpi labels, so the stickers and labels you print will be clear and easy to read. Plus—and this is really important—the postal service will have no problem at all with the bar codes and QR codes from your Munbyn printer.

But if your business requires even greater quality and faster printing speeds, the company has developed a newer version that prints 300 dpi labels really quickly, at 150mm/s.

A Munbyn Printer Will Save You Time and Money on More Than Just Stickers

Installing a Munbyn printer in your home office will save you both time and money. Not only will you be able to print the stickers and such your customers are demanding, but you can also print your own postage and mailing labels.

Just imagine the time and hassle you’ll save yourself when you don’t have to drive to the post office and wait in line to mail your packages. As a business owner, don’t you have more important things to do with your time?

Count on 24/7 Service with Your Munbyn Printer

It will be easy to get your new Munbyn printer up and running. Just remove it from the box it came in, plug it in, and that’s it. You’ll be good to go in less than a minute.

And if you do run into a snag at some point, don’t worry. Munbyn is ahead of the curve when it comes to customer service. In fact, the company has earned a 4.8 score on Trustpilot because of their professional around-the-clock after-sales service. What’s more, each printer they sell comes with a lifetime warranty.

Now You Can Print Holiday Stickers and More to Promote Your Small Business

So whether you need a thermal printer and some shipping labels or you’re ready to promote your small business with some cheerful stickers for the holiday season, check out the Munbyn site. You’ll find solutions there that will take your small business far beyond your current goals.

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