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5 Reasons Why a Clean Workplace Will Boost Your Business

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It might seem all too obvious that a clean workplace in a post-COVID world is not only an efficient workspace but a healthy and safe workspace, too. But too many offices, be they home-based or in a commercial office building, are cluttered, disorganized, and even dirty. The obvious question remains: If you can’t keep your office space clean, how good can your products and services be?

A representative of Compass Cleaning Solutions, a commercial cleaning company in Tucson, says that creating a positive work environment can be a critical component to a business’s overall success. The experts say that if an office environment is not clean and safe, a lack of employee motivation will set in. Customers and clients might even lose faith in your ability to provide quality goods and services.     

As a business owner who’s constantly putting out fires while trying to increase the bottom line, the cleanliness of your workplace might not be your first priority. But the fact is, maintaining a healthy and clean workplace is one of the major cornerstones of running a successful business in the post-COVID era. Sadly, many business owners will only notice a dirty and cluttered workspace when things get entirely out of hand.


Your offices needs cleaning on a regular basis so that your employees are safe, healthy, and productive. Moreover, a clean workplace will make a great first impression on potential clients and business partners.

A Clean Workplace Gives Better First Impressions

If your workplace is tidy and clean, it will seem more appealing and even more welcoming to potential business partners, clients, and customers. What’s more, cleanliness instills trust. Your potential customers will get a strong sense of your attention to detail and efficiency if your workplace is clean.

However, dirty floors, dusty conference room tables, and grimy windows will give a potential client the impression that you are lacking in professionalism. The same is true of a filthy and cluttered reception area and dirty, unhealthy bathrooms. 

Cleanliness Elevates Your Brand

Psychologically speaking, the average consumer naturally equates a clean workplace with quality services and products. Whether you’re running a construction business or selling furniture, potential customers will judge your brand by how your office feels and looks.

Even now, you should still have numerous conveniently located hand sanitizer stations available.

Keep in mind that a bad, if not dangerous, office environment will only cause a potential client to walk away. They may even ignore your brand altogether.

Employees Are Happier and More Productive in a Clean Workplace

For many employees, especially those returning to work full-time in the post-pandemic world, the workplace is their second home. That’s why, as a business owner, you need to keep it clean for them. Studies show that a well-maintained workspace makes employees happy. And happy employees are naturally more productive employees.

In the age of social media, company employees are more than just workers. They are a direct arm of your brand. In that sense, they act as a marketing channel. They will talk about your brand’s products and services to family and friends. And they will also post about your products and services on social media.

A clean and safe work environment is directly related to how motivated an employee is when it comes to spreading the word about your particular brand. 


A Clean Workplace in the Post-COVID World Will Boost Your Business

The experts say that you should not expect your employees to do the cleaning. You should instead invest in a professional cleaning service that’s trained to clean and disinfect every part of the workplace. They will clean the floors to the windows, to the bathrooms, and more.

How often should your professional cleaning service take care of your workplace? Once per week is the ideal situation. This guarantees a consistently organized and safe work environment. If you can’t afford to have the service clean once per week, then shoot for twice per month. 

In the post-COVID world, it’s also important that you educate employees on the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace. Unclean work environments can be a breeding ground for allergens, germs, and even viruses that can spring up without warning from time to time. 

Better Air Quality Leads to Better Business Outcomes

Clean air is of paramount importance in the workplace. This is especially important when it comes to keeping your employees happy and healthy. This has never been truer than in a post-COVID era. Today, employees will be wary of a work environment in which the air quality is poor. One efficient and healthy way to maintain superior air quality in the office is to purchase plants.

Plants naturally filter out excess carbon dioxide and pollutants from stale air. Meanwhile, they continually offer employees raised levels of oxygen and clean air. You should also change out your HVAC air filters on a regular basis.


If you want to get ahead in the business world, as surprising as it may seem, the first place to start is with cleaning your workspace.