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5 Tips for Buying Restaurant Furniture

If you are looking for commercial furniture for your restaurant or bar, this guide from our experts at is a fantastic resource. The information here can help you make an informed decision when you’re buying restaurant furniture.


1. What Type of Furniture Do You Want in Your Restaurant?

The material used to make your chair will tell your customers a lot about the type of restaurant you run. Wooden chairs or chairs with exposed wood, exude warmth and craftsmanship. Metal chairs, on the other hand, can be loud and appear frigid. Many designs combine metal and wood to create an intriguing aesthetic while giving many of the benefits of both materials in one chair.

When making a decision, consider the level of comfort you wish for your customers.

Keep in mind that restaurant chairs for sale come in a variety of sizes. The size of the seat and the height of the back are two critical aspects. Seats are often 16 inches, 18 inches, or 20 inches broad.

Cafés and other settings that require a high turnover typically use the smallest seats. Fine dining establishments and country club applications generally choose to use the greatest size. A restaurateur who wants to create the most comfort and for whom turnover is not a problem might choose these larger seats.

Back height is also crucial, although not so much for comfort as for design aesthetic. Rooms seem nicer when the furniture or décor heights vary. Chairs taller than 30″ will sit over the table-top, giving the table a more robust appearance.

2. Purchase Only Commercial-Grade Seating

Chairs that seem adequate for a restaurant but lack three crucial qualities frequently sell on the internet and at big-box retailers. But the woodworking in these chairs will frequently not stand up to heavy use.

Moreover, the finish is often of the home version and will not respond well when cleaned with industrial cleaners. In short, furniture that is made for home use is not suitable for a restaurant.

If the manufacturer has not tested the product for commercial usage it probably is a poor choice for your restaurant. Insurance companies will typically deny product liability claims for non-commercial restaurant chairs that are used in a commercial context.

In other words, if a chair collapses and your customer is injured, the manufacturer will have limited liability in the claim. But you will be fully accountable. This can be a costly blunder.

3. Is the Furniture an Important Part of Your Restaurant?

Restaurants are, at their essence, entertainment spaces where people come to eat. Do people come solely to eat, rendering the décor useless, or do they choose a restaurant based on their experience as well as the food?

The answer is most likely, “It depends.” If you want a business that is a true destination, you must consider the environment’s personality.

Casual dining establishments generally require an aesthetic that is distinct from that of fine dining establishments. Board game tables are great entertainers while customers wait for their food. Furniture may help a customer understand what to expect when they visit your restaurant and see your name on a building. This can be beneficial to your brand.

In other words, do you want to be like your competition, or do you want to stand out?

4. Know the Floor’s Influence on the Chairs

Each floor surface, whether wood, carpet, or tile, necessitates a distinct glide in restaurant furniture.

Consider how similar the glides are to your shoes. Standing for lengthy periods of time causes fatigue, not just in your feet but often all the way up to your shoulders and neck.

When a chair has an incorrect glide for its application, friction can cause vibration to move up the product. This affects the joinery as well as the quantity of noise produced. To avoid scratching, you can use felt tip glides on wood floors.

However, this is an expensive solution. This is because the felt tips wear out rapidly and you will need to replace them frequently.

Chairs on carpet work best with a nickel-plated glide. They will slip more easily than the plastic alternatives. Various plastic or nylon slides can be used on tile flooring. But plastic may wear quickly depending on the slip coefficient value of the material.

Nylon glides are preferable since they are significantly more durable and will last a long period. You may not be able to identify a plastic glide from a nylon glide as the restaurant owner, so be sure to inquire or check the specifications.

5. Understand Your Budget

While prices may limit your alternatives with your restaurant furniture, never believe that a non-commercial solution is the best option for you. The dangers are enormous. However, the quality of the finish, the type of fabric, the size of the chair, and the country of manufacture can all have an effect on the price.

To save money, we recommend looking into different options or styles for a chair that is approved for commercial use. If cost is an issue, you can often locate overflow manufacturing of chairs made with restricted options that will save you money.



It is now easier than ever to create a signature appearance for your restaurant with the furniture experts at Whether you want to outfit a fun family restaurant with swivel metal chairs, add fully upholstered chairs to a fine dining establishment, or create a comfortable club atmosphere with lounge chairs, you will appreciate the quality, convenience, and exceptional customer service that make us the best place to buy restaurant chairs online.

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