How to Get New Visitors to Your Website

How to Get New Visitors to Your Website

Perhaps you’ve tried every trick to get new visitors to your site, but nothing seems to be working. Every time you look at your analytics page, it’s a depressing sight. But don’t lose hope.

In this guide, we’re sharing effective tips you can use to drive traffic to your website. Read on and learn how to get more new visitors to your site.


More than 50 percent of business websites receive fewer than 500 monthly visitors, according to the Search Engine Journal. You don’t have to be a data analytics expert to establish that with such website traffic, your business isn’t going to make a ton of online sales.

Submit Your Website to Google

If you’re an SEO noob, like most business owners are, you might be thinking that your website will become visible on Google by default. That’s not the case.

For a site to have a chance of being ranked by Google, the admin has to submit it to Google’s Search Console. Then, Google will crawl your site and evaluate it for indexation.

Without taking this action, the only way new visitors will land on your site is if they enter the site URL into their browsers or if they follow the website link you’ve shared with them.

The same applies when you’re trying to rank on other search engines. So be sure to research and take the appropriate actions.

Optimize Your Site for Search and Attract New Visitors

Now that you’ve submitted your site to search engines, you may think you’re ready to see an uptick in the traffic numbers. Well, not so fast.

There are millions of websites vying for a spot on search engine result pages. Search engines give priority to those that are properly optimized.

You need a detailed SEO strategy to get your site to rank, but on-page SEO is the foundation. This includes factors such as website load speed, site structure, security, and content. 

The technical aspects of SEO require expertise to implement. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to hire an SEO professional to optimize your business website. This will bring more new visitors to your site.


Go Big on Blogging

Companies that blog receive 55 percent more web traffic. In other words, if you want to double your traffic, start blogging. That’s right. You’ll attract more new and repeat visitors by blogging.

Your target customers use search engines to find relevant information. For example, if you’re a landscaping company, there are lots of people in your area looking for landscaping tips online. Then, through blogging, you can provide them with this information.

This way, your blog serves as a lead generation tool. Once the readers are on your blog, you can direct them to your website’s service/product pages with a proper call to action.

Blogging is also an effective link-building strategy. The more backlinks your website gets, the more authoritative search engine algorithms think it is. Sites with high domain authority get better search engine rankings.

As such, ensure you have a content strategy for SEO purposes. Use this content mapping template to get started.

Get Ready for New Visitors

Your business website is like a brick-and-mortar store. The more the traffic you attract, the more the sales you’re likely to make. Use these strategies to attract new visitors and grow your online business.

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