4 Finance Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

4 Finance Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

There are nearly 32 million small businesses in the United States. Statistically, some will thrive and others will ultimately fail. One of the biggest reasons small businesses go under is because they don’t know how to manage finances.

Not sure where to get started with managing your business’s finances? Then read on for all of the small business finance tips you need to get started.


1. Budget, Budget, Budget

If you want your business to take off, then you need to make sure that the plan for your finances is solid. Moreover, if there’s one financial document that you live and die by, it’s your budget. This is because a budget keeps your business from going into debt and ultimately going under. If you don’t know how to budget, spend some time brushing up on small business budgets. Categorize your expenses by rent, utilities, invoices, reimbursing employees for expenses, etc. to easily control your business finances.

When creating your budget, sort expenses into “wants” and “needs.” Once you have your budget drafted, stick to it. It’s tempting to go over budget, but unless it’s an absolute emergency, it’s not worth the added expense.

2. Find Investors

A lot of people choose to self-fund their business or to take out loans. This might be a quicker and easier way of getting the funds you need, but it’s not always the best way to manage your finances. If you think you have a valuable business concept, consider looking into investors for small business.

Investors give you money to get your business going in exchange for a certain percentage of the profits. It’s less risky than putting your own money into the business and is an ideal way for many people to start a small business.

3. Manage Debt Wisely

One of the biggest surprises about finance that comes with starting a small business is the expense involved. It’s extremely tempting to take out a small business loan or line of credit and get what you need without thinking about the consequences. That’s a mistake, though.

Avoid taking on debt if possible. If you need to take out a loan, think about the cost of paying it back and how quickly you can pay it back. Paying back debt often eats up your profit, so think long and hard before accruing any.


4. For the Sake of Your Business’s Finances Always Pay Yourself

Many small business owners avoid paying themselves because of other business expenses. However, for the sake of smart finance, you need to be paying yourself something, even if it’s just a little bit.

Paying yourself shows banks and potential investors that your business is generating income. This makes your business a much safer investment opportunity. It also helps you build savings for the future.

Loved These Small Business Finance Tips?

Running a small business means managing a lot of different moving parts. It might be tempting to let your financial plan fall by the wayside, but that would be a huge mistake. Thankfully, all you need to do is follow these finance tips, and your small business will stay in good financial shape!

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