How to Start a Rental Property Business

How to Start a Property Rental Business

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Starting a business is never easy. From choosing the right location to having a tight business plan, it requires a whole lot of commitment, hard work, and deliberate strategy to succeed. This also applies to starting a property rental business.


You can find help for getting started on rental listing websites. These are sites that allow owners or managers of properties to post information about the availability of their rental properties. People looking to rent new places can log onto these sites to get important information.

While most of these rental listing sites generally offer the same services, they all have different features. For example, some provide help on finance while others give information about properties to people looking to rent.

Another example is Rentola, a service that simplifies the way property owners and tenants connect. Here, property owners get to create a free listing. Then, the owner will often hear from interested tenants within only 24 hours.

The following are basic guidelines for anyone contemplating starting a rental business.

1. Do Your Research

Before starting a rental business, it is imperative to carry out adequate research into the industry. Most failed rental businesses are due to a lack of thorough research. Agreed, research sounds and seems boring, but it is highly essential to becoming a successful investor.

Also, note the following items as you research the industry:

  • Process for starting a this type of business
  • How to get investors
  • Potential of the business
  • Competition in the industry
  • Target audience

2. Consult with a Business Professional in the Property Rental Industry

Starting a property rental business requires seeking out the help of a professional. This would give you some perspective on planning for having such a business. Be sure to ask questions about investment, get help on taxes, and also find out all you can about how to go about setting up and running your rental business.

3. Gain Some Business Experience in the Rental Property Industry

Normally, when venturing into a new business, experience matters. This is true in any industry. Likewise, a person who wishes to start a rental property business won’t have learned everything they need to know merely by doing research.

So the next thing that person would need to do would be to gain some business experience in the rental property industry. It would make sense to either work as a real estate agent or volunteer to get real-time experience. Either approach would aid you in starting your own rental property business.

4. Register Your Rental Property Business

After getting the above steps out of the way, the next thing would be to register your rental property business. By registering the business with the appropriate authorities, you give it an official business status.

Registration will define the type of business, whether it will be an LLC or a sole proprietorship. Engaging a business formation services company when registering your business can simplify the process of choosing the appropriate legal structure for your rental property business. To learn about two agencies that can assist with your business registration needs, check out comparison guide by SmallBusinessHQ

5. Choose a Location for Your Office

Choose a location for your business either by purchasing or renting out a place. Alternatively, you can set up a home office. The latter has several advantages to it. First, it reduces the money spent on gas and time on the road. It also helps with scheduling, since you would have more flexibility.

In addition, research has shown that most home-based businesses have a higher success rate than do other businesses.

Don’t be deterred from having your office outside of your home, however, if that is your preference. It’s great to discover what works best for your own business.

6. Create a Business Plan

Preparing a business plan is imperative. A business plan will help map out the direction your rental business will take and how you will go about making it happen. It basically moves your business idea out of the realm of theory and into the realm of practicality.

7. Market Your Business

Marketing your rental property business is key to getting properties rented out faster. There are several ways a person can market their rental properties, including:

Relying on Social Media Marketing

Countless individuals and businesses now use the internet as a marketing tool. Obviously, social media marketing would attract leads to your rental property business.

Posting Video Tours of Rental Properties on Your Business Website

A video gives viewers a feel for the rental house. It sets it apart from other properties. Additionally, quality still images can help attract leads to a rental property.

Engaging the Services of a Property Listing Website

Also consider engaging the services of a property listing website. This will give more exposure to your rental property. Such a company will help you find interested prospects for your rental properties quickly.

8. Set the Perfect Price for Your Rental Properties

Some rental properties do not attract the interest of potential clients because the price is either too high or too low. If you set the price too high, people will view it as being out of their budget. On the other hand, if you set it too low, desirable renters will view it as not being worthy of their attention.

Therefore, it is best to set the prices of rental properties at a reasonable level, neither too high or too low.

To gain assistance in setting an appropriate price, engage the services of a company with experience in the industry. They can help you correctly estimate the value of the rental property in the current market.

9. Establish an Identity for Your Rental Property Business

Every business needs something to set it apart from the numerous similar businesses out there.

One way to do this is by having a logo. An interesting memorable logo would cement a company’s image in the minds of clients.

Further, every business these days needs a website, including property rental businesses.



Owning a property rental business will lead you down a road filled with bumps and potholes. You will need to be adequately prepared and determined to continue regardless of the obstacles. But follow these guidelines for starting a rental property business and you will be well on your way to success.