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Motion Graphics: How to Use Video to Enhance Visibility

Motion graphics refers to animated graphic designs. This technique allows illustrators to tell stories in a short and precise manner. While it provides immense benefits, such as improving social engagement and retention rates, it is an underutilized form of video production. This may be because it is still a relatively new concept for numerous companies. But how can you utilize it to increase your visibility?

Feature Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Motion Graphics Tap Into the Emotions of Your Users

Successful motion graphics are about emotional storytelling. Graphics utilize emotional cues create a connection with your audience. The trick to getting this right will be conducting market research into your target audience and analyzing their pain points. Make it a point to tie this back to your graphics and showcase various solutions your company can help provide.


Illustrators such as video production company Phoenix, can help ensure that your animations introduce elements of relatability. These could be visuals and sounds with emotions like peace, hope, and satisfaction that tap into your audience’s core values.

Use Trends to Your Advantage

Your consumers are likely to relate more with what they see and can be a part of, with trends creating the perfect link between your brand and your customers. Search for trends that work well with your brand and align with your audience’s interests. Excellent sources for this are platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Dribble.

The Latest Trends dashboards will come in handy here, providing a template to add to your graphics tools. Well-known industry experts, such as Behance, Adobe, and Foundry also help to inspire your preferred motion graphics. Workshops can also be another source of inspiration, with social networking events informing you about the latest creative tools.

Be Creative

No two creations should be alike. Each motion illustration should possess a creative edge. For this, look at your story from various angles, such as different age brackets, geographical influences, income levels, and social structures. With this in mind, create unique twists to convey your information and determine how best to get the attention of these different consumer groups. Alternatively, you can utilize the latest developments in motion graphics to get a different perspective for imaginative storytelling. 

Use Timing to Your Advantage

In a fast-paced world, timing in motion graphics is vital, with consumers likely to click away if your content is too slow, with the reverse resulting in a loss of retention for your target audience. 

Try to pace your graphics to the industry-set standards with well-timed pauses and transitions, allowing your audience to analyze the message you are trying to convey. The tempo of your chosen animation should also reflect your content, with slow-paced graphics preferable for emotional content and upbeat tempos suited to more energetic audiences and messages.

Keep All Video Illustration Elements Running Smoothly

Motion graphics include music, gifs, voiceovers, and animations. These represent concepts that allow the end user to consume your message with ease. If such images lack cohesion, then they are likely to result in low retention rates. A tip for keeping these in sync is to aim for action and a visual element in every line. More extended voiceovers often need multiple graphics. In addition to this, ensure that your characters and scenes are also proportional, whether it is the character’s physical structures or the background scenes.

Errors in these elements could undermine your work, causing higher click-through rates than anticipated. To avoid such setbacks, assess the video graphic before its distribution to external channels. Members of your managing team could also examine it for errors, allowing your graphics team to edit or add essential details.


While perfecting your motion graphics requires skills and time investment, the above will be essential in helping you leverage the available tools to increase your company’s visibility. Make it a point to utilize timing, trends, and emotional storytelling in your content. Lastly, maintain cohesion and enhance your creative skills by understanding your customer’s needs and seeking inspiration from like-minded people.