ERC tax credit represented by an overhead shot of a notepad with the words "Employee retention Tax credit" written on it, next to a calculator and some colorful sticky notes

Earn Money by Helping Businesses Apply for the ERC Tax Credit

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By referring businesses to the ERC tax credit, you could earn money for each application processed by the IRS. Moreover, you do not need a financial background to help businesses apply for the ERC tax credit. This opportunity to refer businesses to ERC specialists who can help them apply is open to everyone. Wouldn’t you like to earn money through a simple affiliate program such as this?


What Is the ERC Tax Credit?

The Employee Retention Credit is a refundable tax credit that provides small businesses with financial aid post-pandemic. This tax credit was established to incentivize businesses to keep employees on their payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2020 and 2021 tax years. To apply for the ERC tax credit, businesses must have paid qualified wages to employees. These qualified wages determine how much a business could earn from the refundable tax credit.

What Is a Refundable Tax Credit?

When the IRS approves businesses for the ERC tax credit, they can reduce the amount of taxes they owe to the IRS. If the amount that a business is approved for through ERC exceeds the amount that the business owes in taxes, they will receive the rest of the tax credit as a refund. They can then use this refund for anything that the business needs. This can include such things as paying wages, managing employees’ healthcare expenses, and taking care of other business expenses.

How Can You Earn Money as an ERC Affiliate?

When you refer businesses to the ERC tax credit through an ERC affiliate program, you could earn money for each application approved by the IRS. The amount you earn could add up quickly. ERC affiliate programs are established by ERC specialists who offer years of tax processing experience to help businesses apply. Because of this, affiliates who are referring businesses to these specialists do not need any experience themselves in the finance industry. ERC affiliates can come from all walks of life. All they need is a willingness to help refer eligible businesses and a desire to earn money.

How Can You Become an ERC Affiliate?

Becoming an ERC affiliate is as simple as applying to join an affiliate program. These programs provide affiliates with the tools and knowledge they need to explain the ERC tax credit to eligible businesses. These programs also provide affiliates with an understanding of what types of businesses to target that are most likely to be eligible for the tax credit. Because affiliates earn money from approved applications, it is imperative that they target businesses who are most likely to be eligible. An ERC specialist will work with that business to make sure that they are fully eligible before applying. Certified ERC specialists will never help a business submit a false claim to the IRS.


What Is the Deadline for the ERC Tax Credit?

The deadline for the 2020 tax year for the ERC tax credit is April 15, 2024. The deadline for the 2021 tax year for ERC is April 15, 2025. The more businesses you refer before these deadlines, the more you could earn as an affiliate. There is still plenty of time to earn large sums of money from referring businesses to ERC specialists through an affiliate program.

The amount you can earn as an ERC affiliate is only limited to the number of businesses you can help refer before the ERC deadlines. For this reason, you should not wait to apply to join an affiliate program.