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Acknowledging the Global Shift to Mobile Payments

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In advanced countries, the idea of a cashless society has been debated since the 1950s. Some researchers predict that the UK may phase out cash as early as 2030. Additionally, COVID-19’s challenges in 2020 boosted demand for a completely contactless point of sale in an effort to halt the virus’s spread. In these conditions, mobile payments arose naturally.

Today, about 75% of individuals in developed nations now own smartphones. Moreover, consumers—mostly tech-savvy people under 40—now view mobile money as a safe and useful payment alternative.

Industry Watchers Predicted the Rise of Mobile Payments

We at Transact Payments Ltd. (TPL) predicted that in the coming years, mobile money will play a large, if not the dominant, role in the expansion of non-cash transactions. Before COVID-19, experts had already anticipated that mobile payments would skyrocket. Now, firms are aiming to speed up their mobile wallet strategies to take advantage of the spike in demand.

However, if now is the moment to capitalize on this quickly growing industry, businesses must adjust their strategy. They must take into account not only the current market but also what the potential future of mobile payments might look like. Moreover, it is a landscape not without its challenges. This is why it is crucial to rely on the knowledge of a trustworthy partner.


Pay Attention to Your Mobile Wallet

It’s crucial to give your mobile wallet the attention it deserves.

We are all aware of how swiftly the market is evolving. Therefore, the message for mobile payment solutions is actually “less haste, more speed.”

TPL offers an end-to-end payment solution through a network of dependable partners, each with its own requirements and delivery dates. Your choice of strategy for mobile payments in your business can have a significant effect on your budget, timetable, and ability to achieve your business objectives. The critical judgements about payments you take now will have a new dimension thanks to mobile.

Protecting Data Is Critical with Mobile Payments

One illustration of the extra difficulties that arise when including mobile payments in any plan is the cost of protecting client data. However, tokenization was launched in 2015 and eased security concerns somewhat. Thereafter, the market witnessed a dramatic change, despite the fact that the costs and schedules involved were very different. Now, customers can use digital wallets in a safe and secure manner.

However, location is another essential aspect. This is important because tokenization costs might grow when geographic reach extends over multiple country ranges. Making decisions about payment methods for your business with the benefit of outside knowledge is therefore ideal.

But There Are Benefits as Well

One of the main benefits of mobile money is that it eliminates reliance on physical cards. In fact, switching to a mobile-only approach could save some organizations a lot of money. However, as mobile payments quickly become a required component of all payment solutions, business models that rely solely on credit cards will face competition. Again, having a solid payment strategy that takes market volatility into account is essential.

All these factors make it essential to keep an open mind. Business owners must be ready to change goals and plans as they go. However, it is important to keep in mind that we are often at our most creative when we are limited by a framework. Those who can adapt and think outside the box will succeed in the highly regulated, competitive, sophisticated, and increasing mobile payments market.

Mobile Payments Are Evolving Rapidly

We knew it would happen eventually. When we take into account the effects of Covid-19 and its possible long-term ramifications, mobile payments appear to be a natural solution to those challenges. However, the pandemic continues to have an effect on the evolution of the payments eco-system, mobile and otherwise, at a rate that no one had predicted.

If you want to be a success story in this disrupted market, it is even more important to find an experienced and proactive service aggregator who can offer insight and vision to realize the product’s full potential—in the worlds both of today and of tomorrow.


About the Author

This article about mobile payments was written by Noel Smith, Business Development Director at Transact Payments, Ltd. (TPL).