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The Art of Digital Marketing: 3 Tips for Business Growth

The modern marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last few decades. With instant internet access in the palm of consumers’ hands, digital marketing is fast becoming the new standard. The outbound marketing techniques that worked for businesses in decades past are no longer sufficient in a hyper-connected world. If you haven’t caught the digital marketing wave yet, it’s time to jump on.

Whether you own a startup or a well-established business, ramping up your online advertising efforts can be a game-changer. Here are three ways digital marketing can help you grow your business. 

1. Earn More Organic Traffic with SEO

Directing traffic to your site can be an expensive effort. Many businesses purchase pay-per-click, search, and social media ads to boost online sales. The cost of running hundreds or thousands of these advertisements can add up quickly. To save money on marketing costs, savvy business owners rely on search engine optimization and other digital methods to earn more organic traffic. The term “organic” refers to traffic that finds your site through unpaid search results.

A good SEO strategy can improve your Google page ranking so customers can easily find your site. As with surfing, it may take a while to find that perfect SEO wave. That’s because you can’t build your domain authority with popular search engines overnight. You’ll need to consistently publish original, keyword-rich content that’s engaging and useful to consumers. You’ll also need to make sure you’re distributing your content to all the right platforms.

Other aspects of a good SEO strategy include ensuring optimal website loading times, earning quality backlinks, and creating good meta titles and descriptions. SEO requires patience, as it often takes months for this type of strategy to pay off. However, once it starts delivering results, it can drive business growth in impressive ways.

2. Increase Brand Awareness with Digital Marketing

If you had to choose between purchasing a product from a well-known brand or one you had never heard of, what would you do? Assuming the product price and features were similar between the two companies, you’d probably go with the well-known brand. Most people equate well-known brands with credibility, trustworthiness, and quality. A Salsify survey reveals that 46% of consumers in the U.S. are willing to pay more for brands they trust.

Boost consumer trust in your company by building brand awareness through an exceptional digital marketing campaign. For the best results, you’ll want to take a multi-pronged approach to make your brand visible to the right audience. Utilize strategies such as link building, SEO, influencer marketing, and social media marketing to get your company’s name out there. 

When it comes to increasing brand awareness, there’s arguably no faster way to do it than through social media marketing. There are more than 4.9 billion social media users worldwide, and many of them log onto their favorite platforms regularly. Get their attention with dynamic, engaging posts that encourage interaction and buzz. Running social media giveaways is another great strategy to enhance visibility. The more familiar your brand becomes, the more likely you are to gain loyal customers and increase your profit.


3. Target Your Audience with Precision

Old-fashioned outbound marketing methods can be hit-or-miss in terms of reaching the right audience. When you place an ad on a billboard, for example, you can only hope the right people will see it. Similarly, when you run a radio spot, you have very little control over who listens to it. It can be difficult to grow your business if you rely primarily on outbound marketing.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, gives you unprecedented power to reach your target audience with precision. For example, you can choose to target your ads to a specific demographic, consumer interest, or geographic location. A good digital marketing strategy assures you that your ads are reaching people who are interested in what you have to offer. 

If you need help determining who your target audience is, there are plenty of analytical tools you can use. Google Analytics and other social media analytics tools can reveal who’s visiting your website and clicking on your ads. You can also send out digital surveys to learn more about the values and interests of first-time and returning customers. Use this information to customize your ads even further, drive more traffic, and reach your business growth goals faster.


Embracing the Power of Digital Marketing

Growing your business can seem like a painstakingly slow process when you’re relying on tactics like billboards and direct mail. In an online world, you’ll reach your expansion goals faster by focusing on boosting your SEO with quality content and connecting with consumers via social media. Using these proven techniques, you can earn more organic traffic, increase brand awareness, and target your audience with precision.