How Software Testing is Essential for Small Business

Software Testing Is Essential for Software Developers and Small-Business Owners Alike

Whether you’re a software developer or the owner of another type of small business, software testing is critical for your company.


Software Testing Is a Necessity for Your Software Development Business

If your business is one of developing software, you owe it to yourself and your business to ensure that every piece of software you deliver to your customers is bug-free and easy to use.

Your business will thrive when you build a cadre of satisfied customers by selling software that works the way it’s supposed to, time after time. But in order to keep your customers delighted with your product, you need to make every effort to make sure they can use it easily to accomplish the tasks they purchased your software to do for them.

So while it may not occur to you at first that testing your software is a cost-effective way to run your business, think of software testing as a way of fostering your software development business over time.

Each time you test a new piece of software and find something to fix, the quality of that software improves. In order to place high-quality software in the hands of your customers, then, you must test, and test, and test again.

When your customers are satisfied with the products you have sold them, they will refer other customers your way. And as every smart marketer knows, word-of-mouth referrals are the most powerful marketing tool any business can hope for.

Savvy software developers know to test their software, then, with the end user in mind. A good software tester will envision scenarios that end users are likely to encounter and ensure that the design allows for logical, user-friendly experiences, each and every time.

You can hasten the process and lower the cost of software testing by turning to a service that offers automated software testing. When a piece of software is tested manually, a single engineer huddles over a computer screen and painstakingly runs the software through its paces. But many of these tests can be automated, leading to faster turnaround, lower costs, and fewer errors. And that, in turn, leads to happier customers and better sales of your software.


 Software Testing Is Critical for Other Small-Business Owners, Too

Software testing is as important for the small-business owner as it is for the software developer.

A new piece of software on your company’s computer network could play havoc with your database and other key systems if you install it without first making sure it’s been thoroughly tested.

In most cases, if you purchased your new software from a reputable developer, the product will be fine to use. But if you have any doubts at all, call on experts to run some tests for you. Have the software tested not only to debug it, but also to ensure that it integrates well with your other key systems, that it is reliable, and that it does what you expect it to do. You’re sure to save yourself time, frustration, and money if you test new software before you install it.

As blogger Rahis Saifi is sure to tell you, testing new software for quality and reliability will help software developers build their businesses, and it ensures that owners of other small businesses are getting what they’ve paid for.

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