Inventor Filters Out Sewer Odor

The 38-year-old Modesto resident said the idea came from a need he saw across the country because of an increase in low-flow toilets and water efficiency programs.


Wheelchair Alternative: Exoskeleton

The Berkeley, Calif., warehouse is the home of Ekso Bionics, a young ­company that’s about to step out onto the world stage.


Inventor Hopes To Collar Dog Market

Stephen, who works as a leisure centre attendant, said: “I often take my dog, Napoleon, out on my bike.


Inventor Takes Swing At Major Leagues

He said people stand in water up to their chin and slowly swing the device, which has dozens of holes in it.


Weird Invention: Screw in Coffin

A series of burial containers having means by which they can be pressed, agitated, screwed and or self bored into a receiving material, provide low cost interment methods with hermetic sealing, security locking, plaque and memorial markers and built in flower and flag receptacles.

Biz Idea: Expanding Coffee-Cup Collar

When that cup is filled with a tasty hot beverage, the band swells into a thick, insulating cloth-like material, offering both grip and heat-protection for your fingers.


Petrol Pal: Gas and Oil Mixing Made Easy

In my garage, I have at least five different one-gallon gas cans with different ratios of motor oil and gas for all of the different power tools I own.


The Perfect Photo Album

Picture Pages is a simple way to let people interact with real photos at their own pace.


Water Filter For Any Water Bottle

“Canadians dispose of millions of water bottles a year,” she said.


Turning Twitter in Toilet Paper

A company who’s name rhymes with Twitter and starts with “Sh”

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