Automatic Beer Foam Generator

I always thought that mugs of beer weren’t supposed to have big heads of foam on top.

Combining a Suitcase and a Scooter

Micro Luggage is a combination hardshell carry-on bag and scooter.


The Gel That Stops Bleeding Instantly

All-purpose healing gels familiar to fans of futuristic video games and movies could be about to make the transition from sci-fi fantasy to real-world medical tool thanks to a New York University student who has invented a gel that can instantly halt bleeding in even the most serious of wounds.


Open Source Soda

OpenCola is a brand of open source cola, where the instructions for making it are freely available and modifiable.


Soloshot: Film Yourself Automatically

Soloshot works by keeping your camera pointed at an armband you wear while you are having fun.


Invention Tells When Your Dog Needs To Go Outside

Letting the dog outside to do its business can be a guessing game sometimes.

Niche Inventions: Knot-Free Rope Tying

In late 2007, Timothy Bourke presented brother, Andrew Bourke with the idea to create a device that would eliminate the need to tie and untie knots, allowing anyone to secure (and un-secure) items when having to use rope.


Inventor’s Race To Sell Toothpaste Rollers

The gadget made it into 132 Fred Meyer stores in June, but staying there meant selling at least 480.


Homekite: The Indoor Kite

Made by Takara Tomy, this kite flies better indoors than it does outside.


Low-High Wheelchair Invention

Armando Silva has spent about 10 years and $20,000 trying to get his invention perfected and on the market.

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