Inventor’s Race To Sell Toothpaste Rollers

The gadget made it into 132 Fred Meyer stores in June, but staying there meant selling at least 480.


Homekite: The Indoor Kite

Made by Takara Tomy, this kite flies better indoors than it does outside.


Low-High Wheelchair Invention

Armando Silva has spent about 10 years and $20,000 trying to get his invention perfected and on the market.


Inventions Born From Innovation

Inventor Sir Harry Coover worked for the Eastman Kodak Company in 1942, and was actually trying to find the best material to make a transparent plastic gun sight.


Zero-Fatality Car

In the future, new cars might include an appealing sticker: This car is rated for zero fatalities.


Almost Homemade Rocket Helicopter

The copter makes use of tiny hydrogen-peroxide-powered rocket motors on the tips of the blades, which replaces the traditional engine-powered rotor.

Niche Products: The Smart Tennis Racquet

The racquet can detect service speed, the power of each hit and ball spin to give players feedback on their performance.


Robot Hands That Can Pick Up Anything

Building a robot that can pick up random items with the dexterity of the human hand is surprisingly difficult and expensive.


iPhone Attachment Diagnoses Ear Infections

Fortunately, a mobile microscope company known as CellScope has created a smartphone attachment that takes the hassle out of the entire process by allowing parents to perform the most complicated part of the diagnosis procedure at home.


Hand Cranked Japanese Vending Machine

Vending machine maker Sanden, which has some 30 percent of the global market, has been showing off a hand-cranked vending machine for emergencies when the power’s out and solar generation isn’t available or feasible.

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