When most people think of a bouquet, flowers are what come to mind. If you were to ask Margaret McEntire about what she thinks of when asked about a bouquet, she would probably tell you candy. After all, Margaret is the founder Candy Boutique International.

In a world of traditional gifting ideas, a candy bouquet is something that will stand out at any event. It helps that the shelf life of candy is much longer than flowers as well. It opens itself up as a unique franchise opportunity. It starts with their training program which is very comprehensive and includes:

  • Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Product Pricing
  • Workshop & Product Design
  • Advertising
  • Accounting
  • Advanced Certification
  • Much more!
  • Although Candy Boutique does not mention how much they charge for a franchise, they do mention that there are no royalty fees. Very few franchises can say that.

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