Invention Checks Brake Lights

John Arundel of Quakers Yard grew up in Aberbargoed and has been a lorry driver most of his working life, which equated to 23 years of experience. He came up with an invention to check brake lights without being in the vehicle.

At the British Inventors Society Awards, John’s innovation was a winner.

John said: “It’s great to win a national award for my invention.”

He came up with the idea because he along with every other driver has to make sure that his vehicle is legal everyday it is on the road.

John said: “I like other drivers have to check my lights but checking brake lights can be very difficult particularly if you’re alone and when the vehicle is lorry as it is often very long.

“So I came up with an idea to check brake lights with a remote control. This would mean that any driver could check their lights when standing behind the vehicle.

“My invention is already in production and is now for sale on my website. It has taken 15 months to develop as a product but now we hope it can become a success.

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