Fall River Herald News:

The renovation work to be done converting the former Route 6 7-Eleven store into a new Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through shop and gas station has gone out to bid with construction on the building set to start Feb. 1.

The 3,014-square-foot building has been vacant for nearly two years. Property owner Apache Oil decided to keep the four existing gas tanks at the site and add a drive-through window on the exterior of the former convenience store.

According to the plan, vehicles will enter the drive-through on the right side, order and travel around the back of the building to reach the pickup window before exiting on the left side.

As stipulated in the site plan review decision, the drive-through will accommodate four cars between the order board and the window, and another eight through the plaza leading up to the board. Left turns into and out of the plaza will continue to be prohibited due to the speed of traffic along the Route 6 corridor, just as they were when 7-Eleven was open. More.