Modern Mommy Gear Has The Modern Mommy Covered

Who would know what a mom wants better than another mom? Robin Morris is the founder of Modern Mommy Gear, as well as the mom to a lovely little boy.

So what does the modern mommy need? How about some eco-friendly products that span over the baby, household and pet categories? From a Vinylux® Stepped Bowl or Stainless Steel Wine Karafe to cloth diapers and pet mats that are made from recycled pop bottles, if it is of interest to your home and family, Robin probably sells it.

What lead her to the business world is just as interesting. She was placed on bed rest for nearly 4 months during her pregnancy, leaving her with lots of time filled with nothing. Between making blankets, hats, or sweaters, she also had the internet to help entertain her. It was through an online search that she found out about the modern cloth diaper. It didn’t take long for her to decide on a new eco-responsible lifestyle, including the products she’d use with her new baby. When most of what she bought was scattered across the web, she decided to bring it together. The result of her searching and buying eventually lead into Modern Mommy Gear.

I’ve come across many amazing mompreneurs who sell just one specific eco-friendly product and do well at it. However, I don’t find nearly as many who bring a variety of these great eco items together into one online shop. Robin has done a fine job at it.

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