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Today business owners realize that they need to update all sectors of their business strategies in order to be competitive with others. Networking sometimes is a weakness for business owners, as most of them make simple mistakes that they don’t know how to fix or any other way of going about them. Gill Corkindale recently posted an article talking about these mistakes and how to correct them.

If your thinking you don’t know anyone to make a contact list, sit down and take a few minutes to write a list of business colleagues that you do know, you may have more on that list than you realize. Some may be unsure of how to introduce themselves. In this instance, just think about your goals and where you are now. You can refer to what your last position was, but try not to stick to just that, make statements regarding your skills for the current position you are looking at.

Try not to criticise the people or companies that laid them off. Think hard about how your story might sound to someone who has never met your nightmare ex-boss. Try to be positive, upbeat and open about looking for work, but avoid sounding desperate or blaming the company or others for being laid off. This will leave a bad impression and could close off contacts before you can begin to develop a relationship.

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