Find Your Loved Ones After a Disaster:

Just in time for the start of hurricane season comes a new business called We Are Safe And Sound. It is a electronic lost and found bulletin board for families. Families pre-register for the site and receive a login ID, password and voicemail box number. If, unfortunately, they’re involved in a disaster like a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or terrorist attack, family members can update the website, either via the internet or telephone and leave a message for their loved ones letting them know where they are and their condition.

I think it’s an interesting idea, and I do see a need for something like this, but I don’t know if the company’s business model is viable. It consists of selling advertising space on the website and audio advertisements on the voicemail system during the initial setup. The founder of the site, Alvin Brown, explained that advertising does not play when a user is a leaving a voicemail, so that not no one is ever forced to listen to an ad for the local insurance salesman while clinging to the roof of a building during a flood, for instance.

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