Facing Extinction

photo credit: kekremsi

In business we try everything within our means to stay above water, keep the money coming in, and keep our doors open but sometimes there are unforeseeable circumstances that become greater than our means to make it through. I ran across an article posted on AOL Small Business that I found to be quite interesting. They posted a list of businesses that are forecasted to be closing their doors within 10 years, some of these I have to admit I never would have thought would make the list.

  1. Record Stores.
  2. Crop Dusters.
  3. Camera Film Manufacturers.
  4. Pay Phones.
  5. Newspapers.
  6. Telemarketing. Many of us will be all too happy to see this one go I’m sure.
  7. Piggy Banks: You may chuckle, but as we continue gravitating toward a paperless society, it’s not difficult to imagine a day when piggy banks no longer exist.

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