It’s quite a staggering fact that in the last few years home-based businesses have grown to represent 52% of all small businesses and 10 percent of the total receipts of the economy (approximately $314 billion), according to the Small Business Administration (SBA).

At the root of this trending is the fact that of all the forms of business ownership, starting a home-based business is low cost, low risk and for the long-haul (less than five percent actually ever move out of the home).

The U.S. government is at the forefront of much of this growth and below are some of the best resources, offered by the government, that help home-based business owners learn more about working out of their homes and managing their business within the law.

The Web site features a whole host of resources and tools to advise and guide small business owners through the process of starting and operating their business.

Photo by chainbridgetech.

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