Solar Panel Security Bizop

Solar panels aren’t even ubiquitous yet and already solar panel theft is a big problem. In the past year, over 400 panels, worth at least a thousand dollars each, have been stolen from the vineyards of Napa County, California. As more homes and businesses install solar panels, the problem will grow. Ground-mounted panels are the current target, but rooftop models are also in danger.

The KQED report interviewed a Santa Rosa, Calif.-based startup called Gridlock Solar Security, which is a little over a year old and sells a $1,000 alarm system solar security device. The system will make eight phone calls in 10 seconds to warn of a potential theft, and blare a 120 decibel alarm system. Seems like they’re doing well, telling KQED that they’ve been generating 36 orders a month from a national distributor, and working with school districts and wineries.

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