Trailers Are Optional

Approximately 2 years ago Brian Ohnemus create a boat rack that would carry his boat so he could still pull his camper. The idea worked so well that he decided to turn it into a business, reports the Quincy Herald Whig.

“While getting all the gear ready for a weekend family camping trip, I realized I had a problem,” he said. “Skyrocketing fuel prices had made it unrealistic to continue taking two separate vehicles to pull the camper and boat. I was forced to leave the boat.”

During that weekend, Ohnemus began working on the boat rack idea that has since proved so popular.

Admittedly, there was quite a bit of trial and error, but the end result was worth the headaches.

“It took me about six months to redesign the rack to make it suitable for mass production,” he said. “I also had to get all of the legal work, insurance and corporate paperwork in line. In January, we were finally ready to market the ‘Powerrack’ to the masses.”

Ohnemus said things began to happen quickly. He said at least three major manufacturers have contacted him about licensing and mass manufacturing the product. He said there has been especially strong interest from the West Coast.

Ohnemus, who said all parts used in the racks are produced locally, emphasized that he is learning as he goes.

“Designing and building is the easy part,” he said. “The business end is all new to me.”

Photo from Powerrack

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