Getting Their Home Out Of The Mud Using T-Shirts

Two mom wanted to help the people around them get unstuck so they started up a small side business to help raise money for flood victims in Tennessee, according to

“We wanted to do something for West Tennessee,” Beth Murley said. “There are a lot of fundraisers for Nashville and Middle Tennessee … And all of us know someone who lost homes and belongings.”

Murley joins several groups that want to help those affected by the flooding or storms, either by raising money or collecting items such as food.

Murley and her friend, April Smith, designed three different T-shirts in lime green and blue colors and are selling them for $20. Themes to choose from are “Stuck in the Mud,” “iSurvived” and “When the flood recedes … the Rock is there.” The designs include the words “2010 Flood” and “West Tennessee.”

A “Stuck in the Mud” wristband is also available for $3.50. Items can be ordered through a website, or the women will make delivery arrangements for local purchases to save shipping costs, Murley said.

Photo from Stuck In The Mud!

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