4th Annual Houston Inventors Tradeshow

The Houston Inventors Association and the University of Houston Small Business Development Center are having the Fourth Annual Inventors Tradeshow on Wednesday August 11, 2010 from 5 to 8:30 pm. In addition to members of the Houston Inventors Association, we have invited inventors from other surrounding areas. We have also invited representatives from local companies and organizations that help inventors solve problems and help businesses get started to answer questions and make presentations about their services.

There will be about 75 display tables. Some are 30″ for one display and some are 60″ for two displays. Tables need to be reserved in advance and a table number assigned to each participant. The UH SBDC will set up a registration page for people applying for display space. We will have display space for about 75 inventors.

We will have a separate room for speakers from the various organizations to present their information and to tell attendees and inventors how their organization can help them. In addition to listening to speakers, participants can talk to the speakers from each organization one on one at their display table.

There is no cost to the organizations or inventors for the display tables and there is no cost for attendees to attend the show. For more information, go here.

Photo by timothycraigart.

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