Recently, I found an email in my inbox with the subject line “FREE BEER.” I almost deleted it without opening it because what could it be other than spam?

Surprisingly it was a real message from a real person and wasn’t about beer at all. The sender, Andrew Wilson, thought that by using the unique subject line I’d be sure to open the email.

I guess his plan worked, because I’m going to reprint it below:

I’m sure you get thousands of emails. I apologize for my lame subject line but, if you’re reading this email, perhaps it helped get your attention…

I would love if you would blog about my small start-up:

Here’s a quick summary:

Recently, I quit working as an admission counselor at a highly selective, private liberal arts college. Why? I was frustrated.

When I was younger I attended a small public high school. I worked hard and was admitted to a good college–an outcome that was as much luck as anything else. But this wasn’t the case for many of my friends. They attended strong private high schools from where they were expected to matriculate to top colleges. This continues to be the norm.

In my role as an admission counselor I learned why: simply, college guidance in strong private high schools is excellent. This fact is the reason I was frustrated and decided to found My ultimate mission is to level the playing field and make quality college guidance accessible to everyone.

I have a network of former colleagues, college admission professionals, who help me read and review your college admission essays. We do so in the same manner it’s done in college admission offices across the country. And we do so at a cost we think is realistic and fair, $25.

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