Improve your odds of walking away with prizes and publicity to help grow your company. According to, even if you lose, just applying to a competition can help boost business.

Here’s some tips to beating out the competition.

1. Follow the Instructions
With thousands of competitors, the first round of elimination may come down to ruling out applicants who fail to follow the rules.

2. Take Your Time
You may be juggling a lot of duties, but don’t rush it. Do a rough draft. Write all of the answers out and then take a day to step away from the application.

3. Keep it Simple
The genius is in brevity. Don’t over complicate it. Don’t try to impress the judges with a lot of jargon. Make sure you write, communicate, and present in a fashion that the least common denominator can also understand

4. Showcase Strong Business Strategies and Strengths
You have to show or tell judges where the business is headed and how winning the contest will help you get there. What strategic plan is in place to continue to grow your company and gain market share in your niche.

5. Start Small, Then Go Big
Look to trade or association affiliated contests and awards.

6. Have Some Fun
Lighten up. Tell a funny tale. Find a way to humanize your story by sharing a few memorable moments.

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