Inventor and entrepreneur, Paul Davis, never seems to stop working. Known mostly for his product, The FrigeMate, Paul knows how hard it can be to get a product out on the market. Inspired by his experiences in the industry, Paul created The Product Network.

This unique website allows offers inventors the opportunity to list their product, talk about it, and share a video showing just how it works.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Paul a few questions about his new website.

Tell us a little about The Product Network.

The Product is the only website that brings entrepreneurs and inventors together to promote and sell theirs products through multiple media presentations. An inventor can market their product with a video presentation that directs consumers to their website for additional information and purchases. The second option is to have your products hosted by experienced shopping host through a live stream broadcast on our website and third we are going to offer in 2011 a live broadcast on a national cable network an half hour show spotlighting new products. These opportunities are offered through our membership program. We also encourage everyone to join our profile section for free and become part of the entrepreneur social group to share your background with others.

What inspired it?

I am the inventor of Frigemates, a household consumer product that I designed, patented and trademarked. I found that my challenges on bringing the product to regional and national retailers were very expensive and frustrating. Traveling to trade shows, networking with the right contacts and spending money with sales reps and brokers was costly. I discussed this with my daughter who is a former producer for one of the major home shopping channels and we decided that we could develop a marketing and sales platform that could support entrepreneurs and inventors more effectively.

How many inventors/inventions do you have currently listed?

We have over a dozen products listed and there are over 100 members that share their profiles. The site was officially launched in October of 2010.

How does an inventor sign up?

If you go to the website you will find a Join Network button. Click on the button and each membership option is explained. Anyone can join for free.

What are the benefits you offer with the membership?

All members can review other member’s profiles and made contact with them if they find that they might need their resources for promoting or developing their product.

Members who have their products show through video or host presentation are exposed to selling their product to a larger audience that they might not capture through their individual websites.

The television home shopping channels, product brokers and other industry contacts are reviewing this site for potential products that they could add to their distribution network.

Any cost involved in joining/maintaining membership?

Paid membership is done monthly or special rates for yearly membership.

What separates your website from other product directories available?

This website promotes and sells your product through a video presentation that directs consumers to your website for sales. Our only fee is your membership.

What are some lessons your website has taught you?

Be patient with your website design and understand that it is a work in progress and you are going to make changes as you develop your strategies.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, this site is offers any inventor or entrepreneur the opportunity to market and sell their product through various presentations that is cost effective and maximizes exposure.

This site is “Where the inventor and consumer unite”

Watch live streaming video from theproductnetwork at

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