The alternative finance member network Bartercard is helping Australian flood victims by allowing business owners to donate without using cash. Bartercard Australia managing director Brian Hall said “A lot of business owners in the current economy may struggle to give cash donations to the Queensland and Victorian flood relief effort. But they have goods and services that could be donated in the form of gift vouchers instead.

“Bartercard through its trade exchange system can convert these donated gift vouchers into other goods and services the flood victims actually need.”

For instance a bakery in Sydney can donate 50 x $100 ($5,000) bakery gift vouchers towards the flood cause. Bartercard onsells these bakery gift vouchers through its member business network in Sydney at the normal selling price of $100 per voucher. Bartercard then donates the proceeds (all $5,000) through a registered charity, Aussie Helpers. The charity can then acquire goods and or services flood victims can use.