Enloop: Bank Ready Business Plans for Real Businesses


Most Silicon Valley startups are aimed at the tech-savvy, iPhone carrying crowd that lives in Silicon Valley. Not this one.

Enloop.com is a free tool that was launched to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in ‘real America’ with real businesses such as restaurants, daycare facilities, plumbing services, delis, jewelry lines and corner stores.

How does it help?

  • Just enter your data through a step-by-step process and Enloop builds a bank-ready printable business plan for you

  • Enloop ‘scores’ your business and tells you how you ‘stack up’ against other similar businesses (using industry data from over 700 industries)

  • Enloop helps you understand how your financial planning affects your score and helps you to make better planing decisions

  • Enloop’s performance review helps you understand the risk associated with your planned business venture

Last month, Inc.com called them the Turbo-Tax of the Business Plan.

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