Don’t get too comfortable with the keys you click while typing on your computer. Soon that keyboard you’re using may be made of touch-sensitive glass. The same can be said about your computer mouse, too.

Giddings is president and CEO of Giddings Product Development. His team is in the process of developing the first batch of his new Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse, amid an ongoing and highly successful campaign through fundraising website Kickstarter.

The keyboard and mouse setup is unique. They both have multi-touch features the user can customize to fit their own way of working. Although they come with plastic sheets marked for different keys and functions, users can also create their own by printing them out or ordering them online.

“Gamers will be able to set up buttons or sliders that are specific to their game. Artists can manipulate images much like the way you manipulate images on an iPad. Gestures can be recognized so you are no longer limited to just keystrokes,” Giddings said.

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