How to Connect With Local, State and Federal Grants for Business

Ron Flavin is a leading grant expert who has raised more than $100 million in government grants for his clients. In his book Business Grants: Everything You Need to Know to Connect With Local, State and Federal Grants for Business, he will help you discover where the business grants can be found and more important, how you can access them for your business.

I’ll show you the ins and outs of the world of business grants and teach you how to develop a compelling grant proposal that makes reviewers say “YES” to your funding request. This book will also help you understand what grant reviewers look for in a winning grant proposal and will teach you to uncover the business grant programs that are right for YOUR company.

The United States government supports entrepreneurs and businesses by providing billions of dollars in funding through grants administered by 26 different Federal agencies. Each year, these agencies publish more than 1,000 different grant opportunities that are open to small businesses. Thousands more business grant opportunities are offered through state and local agencies. But make no mistake about it—while yes, there are billions of dollars in small business grants available every year, it’s not the ‘government money free-for-all’ that some people would have you believe. Governmental agencies don’t just give away ‘free’ money with no strings attached, and they don’t have billions of dollars in grants set aside just for women, minorities and people who want to start a business or pay off debts. The majority of federal government grants given to small businesses are awarded specifically to support research and development activities.

Even if your project is not related to research, there are lots of ways for your business to gain access to government grant funds, and this book can show you how.

The difficulty accessing business grants is that there are literally thousands of grant scams circulating across the Internet making it difficult to distinguish truth from fiction.

This book can show you how to how to identify the best business grant programs to suit your particular needs.

Read this book today and you’ll learn:

  • To discover where the grant money is and more important, effective strategies for obtaining the grant funds you need
  • How one of my clients got a $9 million business grant to develop and commercialize its new technology and how you can too
  • How to develop a compelling grant proposal that makes reviewers say “YES” to your funding request
  • How to tap into federal government money for your business even if your technology is just a concept
  • To understand what grant reviewers look for in a winning proposal
  • Where to uncover the grant programs that are right for YOUR company
  • Invaluable tips and suggestions to make your grant proposal a winner that gets your company the dollars it needs
  • Successful grant writing strategies from a pro who has obtained more than $100 million in grants for their clients
  • How to uncover who to talk with to discuss your project
  • How to position your project to make it eligible for millions more in grant funds
  • Critical actions you must take to ensure that your grant proposal gets considered for funding
  • How to win over even the most difficult grant reviewer
  • Why no one can guarantee that a proposal will get funded and how the scammers prey on consumers and businesses
  • The difference between a legitimate business grant program and a scam
  • Simple strategies for powerful proposal writing
  • The killer mistakes that ruin grant proposals and how you can avoid them
  • Where the money is and how you can access it for your business
  • How to match your grant needs to those of local, state and federal grant funding programs
  • The questions you need to ask when researching grant opportunities
  • Why a partnership can put your grant seeking into overdrive
  • Where to find the right partners to get your grant funded
  • The right shortcuts to find the business grants you need
  • How to use local, state and federal grant money to achieve your business objectives
  • Where to find new business grant funding opportunities
  • Strategies to tap into local, state and federal grants for businesses o Where to find and use all the business grant research tools you’ll ever need—free!
  • How to avoid the stress and frustration of grant seeking
  • How to develop a step-by-step blueprint for building a grant program for your business
  • The difference between the ‘real’ government websites and the fakes
  • An easy way to find out if your business is eligible for a particular grant program
  • How to use the Internet to find grant programs for your business
  • Understand five essential keys to developing a winning grant proposal for your business
  • Everything you need to know to write a grant proposal so that it mirrors the funder’s proposal evaluation criteria
  • Simple but effective strategies to identify the right business grant program for you
  • Key words and phrases to look for when researching grant opportunities
  • What the grant reviewers are looking for in a proposal
  • Simple things you can do to give your grant proposal a big jump on the competition
  • How to quickly identify the key points you must address when writing your proposal
  • The difference between grants and cooperative agreements—and why it matters to you
  • All about the different funding opportunities and programs available to small businesses across the USA
  • How to reach out to your legislators and get your proposal the support it needs to get funded
  • The single most important thing you must do to write a winning grant proposal
  • And much more.

You can get the printed book on Amazon or the ebook here.

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