Inspire Card

What if your business card could do more than simply tell your customer the name of your business and your contact information? The goal of Inspire Card is to help you to do that.

Their card is a unique marketing tool. It not only works as a business card, telling your customer about you, but it helps connect them with a variety of different savings options. They can use your card to save money at over 200 different companies. Being a part of their network can also bring some new customers to your own door whenever one of those companies shares a card with one of their customers. It is truly a card that does some of the work for you. Because of the savings, your customer is more likely to keep this card in their wallet. The longer it is there, the more opportunity you have to draw more customers through word of mouth or referral.

The card never expires, so the cardholder can continue to use the card to obtain discounts for as long as they have it.

If you find this interesting as an opportunity, they also have the Inspire Card White Label Program. This program allows potential Licensee/Distributor’s to replicate the Inspire Card program in their own city/town or industry. This gives you the opportunity to help other business owners join in on the program. The more businesses that participate within your community, the more effective the card program can be for each one.

All distributors are given the necessary tools to grow their business. They retain 35% of the cost when a business signs up for the program within their community. They will also receive 1,000 personalized cards that are to be used to help launch it. The promotional fee for this opportunity is currently $1,495, and subject to change.

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