Most people would look crazy wearing a jacket in the middle of summer, but Kranthi Kiran Vistakula’s jacket is very different. The wearer can set the temperature of the jacket to keep him warm on cold nights or cool off the body during the hottest months of the year, reports BBC News.

The clothes use Peltier light-weight plastic plates with a thermo electric device.

The device is powered by rechargeable batteries which can be topped up by vehicles or even solar panels. They can last up to eight hours on one charge.

A Peltier plate consists of a junction between two metals. When an electric current passes through the junction, metal on one side heats up and on the other side it cools down, he explains.

The climate-controlled jacket, which weighs a little more than 1kg, has been successfully tested by the Indian army in Siachen glacier where temperatures are as low as -40C in winter.

Mr Vistakula’s company, Dhama Innovations, is now developing a range of other products using the same technology.

“We have also developed shoes and they have been immensely liked by the army personnel in Siachen glacier,” he says.

Photo from Dhama Innovations