Niche Biz: Earthquake Solutions

Worried about what might happen to your family during the next earthquake? One entrepreneur sells kits and consults on the topic.

“I’ve been interested in natural disasters since childhood,” Kelcy said. “But I guess when I started to tune into it in terms of a career happened when I was in college and working at a law firm with offices in a high rise in Honolulu. I got to thinking that the building’s clients needed a business recovery plan in the event of a disaster, and put some ideas together.

That weekend, there was a short circuit in an electrical panel, causing an explosion and fire in the building.

“So my ideas came in handy right away,” she said.

Eventually settling in Southern California, Kelcy began Earthquake Solutions in February of 1991 with lots of ideas and 10 cases of Coast Guard-approved water. Since then the business has grown tremendously and Kelcy has settled her business into a suite in Monrovia.

“I do consulting and public speaking on the subject of earthquake preparedness, but I also sell products such as emergency kits,” she said. “In that regard it’s a unique business, certainly for this area.

“I have that fire in the belly to spread the word about the coming `big one’ and to get people to realize just how deadly and disruptive it’s going to be.”

How can you take your own unique knowledge and profit from it?

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