Lawyer Turned Children’s Book Publishers

Lawyer Turned Children’s Book Publisher


Yahoo Finance:

While reviewing a thick legal document in her office one night at 2:00 a.m., corporate attorney YiShaun Yang had an epiphany and she realized the desire to be her own boss and the need to contribute to society in her own way. At that moment, a metamorphosis occurred and a new entrepreneur was born.

Always interested in the well-being of children, YiShaun launched AdoraPet, a book company for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. The company’s mantra is: “Inspiring Kids to Read, Play, Dream & Discover.”

Yang spent time creating and shaping the characters of boy and girl puppies, Pico and Pima, who love going on adventures and sharing their discoveries with young readers. Pico and Pima continually pique children’s natural curiosity, imagination and sense of adventure. The series of eight adventure books received recognition from Creative Child Magazine as Best Picture Book Series for 2011.

“My goal is two-fold: to promote literacy and to show kids of all types of backgrounds discovering and learning together,” said Yang.

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