It seems so simple, how could no one have thought of it before? That was the thought that crossed through Jessica Mashkevich’s mind when she created a unique robe that can be taken apart piece-by-piece.

The OmniRobe can be worn four ways. The garment goes on like a regular robe, but portions of it easily zip off.

“When I wore a regular robe, I usually peeled it off in five minutes because I would go to do something and it would get so hot,” Mashkevich said. “I wanted to wear my robe, it just didn’t want me to wear it.”

Having the ability to remove the sleeves and shorten the length of the OmniRobe provides the wearer with options for more ventilation in the summer and while doing chores, according to Mashkevich.

The OmniRobe may also benefit people who have medical conditions that result in frequent changes in body temperature, she said. The OmniRobe currently comes in two styles, a black satin version lined with microfiber and a more traditional white plush version.

Photo from Kona Benellie Designs

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