If Small Farm Central is any indication, there’s a niche out there for everyone. The web business, run by Simon Huntley, gives small farmers the tools to build a Web presence without paying thousands of dollars to do it.

Huntley said a Web site gives farmers exposure they might not otherwise have, particularly when they’re looking for a farm through a search engine.

“If you don’t exist on a Google search, to a lot of people you don’t exist,” Huntley said. “The hunger for local food and organic and local farms is really exploding, especially once the spring starts coming on as people start to look for fresh food again. If you can come up on the search result, you’re going to have a chance of getting that customer.”

Huntley said farmers can communicate their story through the site. Some offer recipes. They can even sell their wares and can build an e-mail list to send out weekly tidbits to folks.

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