Biz Idea: Chicken Diapers?

Ruth Haldeman moved to rural Hot Springs, Ark., in 2002 and promptly took in a couple of orphan chicks. She soon discovered chickens poop–a lot. According to, in the interest of keeping her house relatively clean, Haldeman broke out her sewing machine and designed a roomy cloth diaper with a disposable liner.

As time went on, she made them in several sizes. Chickens, it seems, outgrow their diapers. The first diapers were made from fabric scraps. When orders started pouring in, Haldeman ordered a few bolts of cotton blend and tricot, and built a website where a small, hand-sewn diaper sells for $9 ($14 for big birds). America is having a chicken moment. The ranks of pet-chicken owners are swelling (to more than 60,000–up from 35,000 just a year ago, according to The diapers let owners spend quality time with their birds without having to deal with major stain removal afterward. Haldeman is looking to hire extra help. Right now she can’t keep up with the back orders

Dane’s note: I might need some of these.

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