Zoo To Sell ‘Reindeer Gem’ Necklaces

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but dung is running a close second, reports Pantagraph.com.

The enterprising “gem”ologists at Miller Park Zoo now are offering necklace pendants from dried reindeer droppings, joining the explosively popular ornaments that debuted last year.

“We kept hearing from people who were buying the ornaments, ‘Do you have any jewelry?’” said Susie Ohley, spokeswoman for the Miller Park Zoological Society.

“We thought we would make them available for the big shopping day,” Ohley said. “It maybe silly, but it not only brings in money and support to the zoo, (but) it brings people smiles.”

Last year, volunteers dehydrated and sterilized piles of the dime-sized dung, then spray-painted them with glitter and strung them on wire with beads to create “Magical Reindeer Gems.”

After word spread across the country, the gift shop couldn’t keep the ornaments in stock.

Photo by The Pantagraph.

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