Standing Desks: The Healthier Historic Alternative

Loomis Dean Ernest Hemingway at the Standing Desk on the Balcony of Bill Daviss Home Near Malaga

In the the 18th and 19th centuries, nearly everyone used a standing desk, like the one that Ernest Hemingway is using the in the inset photo, and today they’re coming back in style as their health benefits are becoming more apparent to a sedentary population. The WSJ has more:

A growing number of workers at Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and other employers are trading in their sit-down desks for standing ones, saying they feel more comfortable and energized. They also are motivated by medical reports saying that sitting for too long leads to increased health risks.

A standing desk sits high off the floor so a worker can either stand at it or sit on a high stool to use it. Officials at Palo Alto-based Facebook say a number of employees asked about standing desks after news articles were published about the health risks of sitting all day.

The stories cited medical studies that tied excessive sitting to increased obesity and other health problems because of factors including a drop in physical activity.

If you manufacture furniture, you might want to considering getting into this niche.

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